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They can help you get through a journey in hell.
They can perk you up when you're feeling down.
They can make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.

They can fill you with unimaginable energy when you've reached your limit.
They can inspire you to go beyond anything you've ever done before.
They can push you into doing things you would never in your wildest dreams imagine doing.

They can lift weights from your back when you're weighed down.
They can help you realize all your flaws, and
They can help you work around them.

They can make you forget why the world hates you.
They can give you the inspiration to do something new.
They can bring you through the storms of life.

They can carry you through your pain.
They can distract you from the little things you shouldn't worry about.
They can drive you insane.

They can sometimes make you want to throw your hands up in the air.
They can make you roll your eyes at them.
They can crack you up with just the simplest things.

They can guide you through the sadness you face.
They can remind you of the good things of life.
They can help you get through a heartbreak.

Make sure you value them.
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Anyway, on with (part of) the Story.

  Client: Magnezone Police
  Job: There's a Beartic in the upper mountains that has been causing issues. If he is to remain there, he could seriously hurt the Sawsbuck and Stantler herds moving through. Please detain him and bring him down to our forces down in Tiny Town. Proceed with cautious! He is dangerous!!
  Location: Takai Mountains, Tokai
  Reward: 45,000 Poké


  Client: Stantler Herds
  Job: Please help one of our groups make it over the mountains! We always meet up each year to migrate to the woods to eat pine needles through the winter. We will meet up with you on the outskirts of Tiny Town.
  Location: Takai Mountains, Tokai
  Reward: ???


     He was standing at the edge of the beach, staring out into the setting sun. The air was warm, and bubbles were floating in the air, with pinks and purples dashed across the sky. It was beautiful...unreal. And yet...something was missing...

     “HEEEY! Get up already!!!” Justin’s voice broke into Riley’s dream, causing them to come crashing to the ground. However, instead of acknowledging the pesky Eevee, Riley feigned sleep. “RILEY! It’s late!! Come on!! GET UP!!”

     “Allow me.” Eve’s voice came from somewhere to his left. What is she... Riley had a moment to wonder before a jet of ice-cold water splattered down on him.

     “GAAAHH!!!” That got him moving. He leapt to his feet, adrenaline shooting through his veins. Eve stared innocently at him, in the form of a Vaporeon, while Justin howled with laughter nearby. “Why the hell did you do that?!?!”

     “Are you aware of the time?” Eve asked, gazing calmly at him. “You would have slept until noon.”

     “So what?! It’s not time to leave yet!!” He shivered as a gust of cold air came through the open end of Sharpedo’s Bluff. “Now thanks to you, I’m gonna catch a cold!!” Justin had managed to stop laughing, and was grinning like an idiot.

     “Just deal with it!! You’ll never impress Anna that way!” Riley shot the Eevee a warning look.

     “Watch what you say, gaki.” He growled before beginning to rub his fur to remove the water. “Hold on...where is Anna?”

     “Purchasing our breakfast from Madame Loppuny.” Eve flicked her tail in a calm manner. “She allowed Justin and I to wake you up.”

     “How could she...” Riley sighed. Of all the wake-up calls I could have received...worse than Loudred...maybe. His attention was caught by the sound of the trapdoor opening above them. “Anna...did you have to let them have a go at me?”

     “. I did.” Her voice carried down the steps as she shut the trapdoor. “You would have slept ‘til noon.”

     “That is what I said.” Eve said simply, before dropping the illusion to reveal her true form. Blue scales blended into purple fur, and the fish tail melted into a poofy dark purple one as Anna descended the stairs, shaking snow from her tails. Balanced on her back was a paper bag and an envelope. Her eyes were bright, but worried. Riley reached out with his senses, feeling her emotions. There was frustration, worry, hesitation, and a bit of happiness as her eyes found his.

     “Croissants with Chesto Jelly.” She explained as the bag floated off her back and landed the ground. “Loppuny gave them to me at a discount.”

     “Is something wrong?” Riley went over to her, laying a paw on her shoulder. “Don’t lie.”

     “...” She bit her lip. “Our job today...hay un complicaciòn.” The envelope floated off her back, and he caught it. Scanning it, his eyes narrowed. “Sergeant Magnemite found me. He knew we were heading into the Takai Mountains, and it was...crucial.”

     “Wuisit?” Justin asked, mouth full of croissant, purple jelly covering his face.

     “There’s a Beartic in the upper mountains. He’s been causing trouble. And I quote ‘If he is to remain there, he could seriously hurt the Sawsbuck and Stantler herds moving through.’

     “So how does that...” The lightbulb went off in Justin’s head. “Oooohhhh...I see.”

     “That’s right.” Anna paced restlessly, not sitting. “Our job with the Stantler herd is at risk because of this Beartic. Magnemite explained it to me. He’s extremadamente hard to find, and even harder to take down. He’s also protective of his territory. That’s a dangerous combo.”

     “We can’t drop Stantler’s job. It’s today. But someone needs to deal with Beartic, and it’s too late to find anyone else.” Riley took a croissant and stared at it. “What are we gonna do...?”

     “We could take the Stantler job, and hope nothing goes wrong. Or Beartic appears, we catch him-”

     “That could cause the Stantler herds to panic.” Justin traced circles in the ground. “They’re jumpy.”

     “Or we could take the Beartic job, but...”

     “We would have to drop the Stantler job. And no team is gonna pick up a job like this on short notice.”

     “Excuse me...I have a possible solution.” Eve raised a paw that was stained purple. “What if...we were to do both?” All eyes were on where she was lying.

     “How?” Riley leaned forward. Eve shifted nervously.

     “Two of us follow through with the job for the Stantler herd, while the other two track down Beartic.” Each member of the team glanced at the others.

     “Is that allowed...?” Anna hesitantly asked.

     “...I’m not exactly sure.” Riley admitted. “It sounds like it would be against the rules, but I can’t be sure. I’ve never thought about something like this.”

     “If it was possible for would we divide up?”

     “I think I know.” Justin stood up. “Riley, how good are your tracking skills?”

     “With aura...I’m good.” Riley glanced at his paws. “Why?”

     “Eve could take the form of a Stantler, and be in charge of the Stantler job. Riley, you could track down Beartic.”

     “And us...?” Anna asked. Justin flicked his ears, debating something.

     “I’m not sure on would be smart for you to go with Riley, and for me to go with Eve. Type-advantage against an Ice-type, you know?” She nodded. “But you might want to go with Eve, as an experienced explorer. And I could stand on my own against an Ice-type. You should be with Eve. I’ll go with Riley.”

     “...I disagree.” Riley stood and walked over to Justin. “You’ve grown a lot, and you’re as experienced as any of us. You should go and lead the Stantler job.”

     “I agree with that.” Anna smiled. “It’s your call, but I think you’re ready.”

     “...really?” He blinked, surprised.

     “...y-yes.” Eve was focusing on her paws. “I...I also agree. You are ready.” Her yellow eyes rose to meet his red ones before he looked down at his own paws.

     “, you guys...” When he looked up, there was a bright light in his eyes. “I’ll do my best!!!”

     “Let’s finish breakfast first.” Riley picked up his abandoned croissant. “No matter what, we’ll need our energy. How about we check with Wigglytuff before we head out, to make sure we’re following the rules? That’ll ease our peace of mind.”

     “Comamos!” Anna picked up a croissant and bit into it.


     The air was still cold when Justin and Eve arrived in Tiny Town.

     “Yah know...” Justin began, watching his breath appear in the air. “I heard this is where Wigglytuff grew up!”

     “Oh...I see...” Eve scanned the landscape. There were a few cottages poking out from the snow around them, smoke curling from their chimneys. Footsteps went to and from the various buildings, and around them. It was a quiet little town. The name was a perfect description.

     “Who would think such an amazing explorer could come from a place like this?”

     “Pokémon come from strange places. Look at Anna and I. We are from a future that no longer exists.” He paused and let that sink in.

     “That’s true. Hey, here they come.” She looked over to where Justin was pointing. Emerging from the tree line was over a dozen Stantler, breath coming in short puffs. It was easy to tell the leader; they had the largest horns. They came crunching to where Eve and Justin stood, and Justin stepped forward.

     “I’m Justin, and this is Eve. We’re members of Team Bright Star.”

     “Our job was accepted by a Team Bright Star,” the leader said, gazing down at the two of them, “but by a Pokémon named Anna.”

     “Anna and Riley can’t come, but we’re on the same team. We’ll be guiding you, if that’s acceptable with you.” Justin couldn’t help but feel worried. Anna and Riley both were able to project an air of authority, but he always felt underestimated. What if they canceled because they didn’t trust his skills? But the Stantler nodded.

     “Very well, I’m satisfied. I am Odoshishi, leader of our herd, but you may call me Odoshi. We’ll be traveling to a secluded valley in the east, where we will meet with other Stantler and Sawsbuck herds to spend the winter. It’s south of Mount Horn.”

     “I know where that is.” Eve reached into the bag around her waist to remove the team Wonder Map. “Here, correct?” She pointed, and Odoshi lowered his head to touch the spot she indicated.

     “That is correct.” He glanced at her. “I’m impressed. Not many outsiders are aware of it’s existence.”

     “I spent a year or so there when I left my tribe.” She explained to Justin, referring to Keimusho. “It was fairly peaceful compared to the rest of the world.”

     “...Oh.” Was all he said. Eve rarely spoke of her life before joining Team Bright Star. From what he could glean, it hadn’t been pleasant. “Hey, it’s okay. Now, thanks to everyone, the world is peaceful!!” She smiled slightly.

     “And I am glad for that.” She turned her eyes to Odoshi. “Shall we go?”

     “At your leave.” He bowed his head. The Zorua spent a moment surveying him before shutting her eyes. A moment later, a yellow-traited Stantler stood in front of them. Odoshi and the herd shifted nervously, unsure of what had just happened, but Justin grinned before hopping onto Eve’s back.

     “We’re ready.”


     Anna and Riley entered the mountains southeast of Apple Woods around ten in the morning. The air was crisp and the sky was clear.

     “I think Justin and Eve got the easier job.” Anna huffed, releasing a puff of steam into the air. “Wandering around in the mountains, or escorting a herd of deer Pokémon. I wonder which is better?”

     “I can’t complain.” Riley said, though the chattering of his teeth said otherwise. He really, really hated the cold. It was like being trapped in a dark cold mountain or cage. “This is the first time in a while we’ve been together, and I want to enjoy it.” He glanced at Anna and grinned. She sighed.

     “It feels wrong to say I feel the same way. It’s just that I feel like I just dumped Justin and Eve on something they can’t handle.” She shook her head.

     “They’ll be fine.” Riley nodded. “Both of them are strong, and able to balance each other out. Justin’s lighthearted, Eve’s serious.”

     “...Now, ven. We need to find Beartic, so it doesn’t find the Stantler first. Magnemite said he’s probably south of here...”

    Riley rubbed his paws together to stay warm. While he enjoyed every moment he shared with Anna, he would rather have gotten a mission to go to the Hot Springs or a job closer to home. Cold did not agree with him, and he hated it. Cold mountains were a jab at his psyche.

     “Riley, come on.” Anna called. She was already a good three yards ahead of him. He sighed, and plodded forward. Grin and bear it...the sooner this job is done...the sooner we can go home.


     “Our main issue is avalanches.” Justin said, wrapping his Defense Scarf a little tighter around his neck. The herd was resting and getting some water from a lake Eve had found. He surveyed the trees around them, alert for any danger. “We’re gonna have to be careful not to cause one. No attacks, nothing that could trigger one.”

     “You will not have to worry about one of the herd causing one.” Eve indicated the Stantler behind them. “They have traveled this route many times, I believe.”

     “Our second problem is not reaching our destination before the sun sets.” Justin glanced upward. The sun was still high in the sky, but he couldn’t stop worrying. He’d heard about explorers and travelers trapped in the cold when the sun went down.

     “Our third the Beartic.”

     “Riley and Anna are on the case, though.” Eve turned her head to look at him. “I believe they will catch the Beartic before it is aware of our presence. You should not worry.”

     “I can’t help it, Eve.” Justin groaned. “Could you get a higher point?” She sighed, but complied, becoming a Staraptor. Thrusting her wings, she carried them above the snowy trees. The world around them was silent for the most part, and there wasn’t a Pokémon in sight.

     “Satisfied?” She asked in a voice that was slightly irritated.

     “Sorry Eve,” Justin scanned the landscape, “I can’t help it. It’s my first job that I’m in charge of.”

     “I know.” She descended, landing on the ground as a Stantler. “And it is normal to be. I am certain Anna and Riley felt the same on their first job.” He remembered something, and laughed. “What?”

     “Did they ever tell you what their first job was?”


     “It was to retrieve a pearl!!” She blinked, not sure if she heard him correctly.

     “A pearl...?”

     “Yep. At Drenched Bluff. Riley was pretty down. He thought they would immediately be discovering treasure and finding new places.” Justin was grinning. “Hey, here they come.” The Stantler were approaching them, looking revived.

     “We’re ready to continue on.” Oboshi said to them. “Are you?”

     “We’re always ready! Don’t need to ask stupid questions! Anyway, are you okay with traveling around the base of Mount Horn? Or is there a different path you take?”

     “That is entirely up to you.” Odoshi snorted softly, focusing on the path that led back into the woods. “In the past, different teams have taken different paths.”

     “Then onward we go.” Eve turned and began to move on ahead. Justin began to hum a little tune.

     “Into the woods...without delay...but careful not to lose the way...”


     “Ready?” Anna asked. Riley nodded once, shutting his eyes. Immediately the world around him came to life in his mind, colored in various shades of green. Most of the mountains around them were still. Small blobs of aura were on them or hidden in the forests. There was an occasional...Noctowl or Snover, but nothing out of the usual. In the distance, he thought he could feel a larger group of Pokémon south of them. Concentrating, his senses reached out and found a group of Stantler moving, with two others leading them. Justin. Eve. He smiled. They’re fine. Then he pulled away, searching their surroundings more closely. There. It was a different signature. One Riley had never felt before. He focused on it, and he drew closer. Yah. That’s him. Pulling away, he focused on how far away and which direction, then opened his eyes to find Anna watching him intently.

     “Found him. Up to the north? No...a couple kilometers east...? Let’s go.” He stepped forward, slowly moving through the snow. It was packed down, but even so, moving took energy.

     Anna, on the other paw, was enjoying herself. Even though the snow melted even faster around her, her blue eyes were bright as she took in everything around her. Tree branches were laden down with snow, ice crystal draped from the greenery. The early afternoon sun was gleaming off the snow. Winter wonderland. She grinned, breathing deeply. The cold air didn’t affect her as much as she thought it would, and she didn’t mind. The only thing that annoyed her was the wet slop that was making her paws and legs shiver.

     “I can’t believe this is legal.” Riley said after a while. “I mean, Wigglytuff said it’s okay for us to do something like this, but still...”

     “It’s okay for the team leader to send members out on a mission in place of themselves.” Anna recited. “He told us that some teams have done this in the past. Chimecho even agreed, and she knows more than we do, since she’s in charge of the Assembly. But...” She glanced around. “Lo sè. I can’t help but worry about Justin and Eve. I hope they’re not getting into trouble.”


     The mountains rose around them, silent as the snow underneath their hooves. In the north, Mount Horn rose above them. Eve appreciated the silence. It was peaceful. The snow transformed the world around them into something she had never seen before. Icicle covered trees stood where dead ones had draped in the future world. Her memories of that life would never leave her. When she had fled her clan, she had come this way, scared of what to do. It was in the mountains that she had found peace. She stopped jumping at shadows, and started fighting back, reveling in her strength, which had for so long been unemployed. But it had never felt right. A Zorua who wasn’t even able to become a Magikarp was a failure, and that’s all Eve felt she had been.

     She shut her eyes for a moment, recalling the strange beauty of the mountains. The odd glowing moss that coated dying trees. Deep violet clouds in the sky that seemed to provide light for a little while each ‘day’. Mountain peaks rising above the forests. Boulders floating in midair, with no danger of them falling down on someone. It had been beautiful, but it had been a dangerous life. No one could be trusted, so she stayed alone.

     “Hey! Don’t go dozing!” Justin’s voice brought her back to reality. She turned her head to see him grinning at her. “I don’t want my ride falling asleep on the job.”

     “My apologies.” She shook her head to clear her thoughts, then looked around her again. The world she was in...was so much better than the one she had left. That was for sure.

     “Yeah, it’s okay!” Justin called behind her. There was a small cheer, and a group of small Stantler ran past them, prancing happily in the snow. Eve paused, watching as one of them ducked his head under the snow and came back with it in his horns before it was flung at one of the females, who danced away nervously. “They wanted to know if it’s okay for them to rest a while.” He explained as Eve watched the youngsters play in the snow. “But the kids have no concept of resting.” He laughed.

     “You are a child.” Eve commented. “So does that apply to you as well?”

     “I’m thirteen, almost fourteen.” Justin snorted. “I’m no kid.”

     “Is that so?” Eve smirked for a second before releasing her illusion, causing Justin to go tumbling into the snow.

     “Hey! Eve!! That was cold!!” He paused, thinking for a moment “No pun intended!” She raised an eyebrow.

     “You are not the one who has to maintain an Illusion while carrying a fourteen kilogram Eevee on their back through the snow.” She stretched, enjoying being in her natural form. She never got over being able to create Illusions, but sometimes it just felt better being in her own body.

     “Oh. Right. Hey, wait a minute!! I’m not that heavy!!” She blinked innocently.

     “Are you certain of that?”

     “Hey, I know what you’re getting at!!” He waggled a paw at her. “And it’s not going to work!”

     “I do not know what you are talking about...” Eve snorted before walking toward where the Stantler where playing.

     “Hey, get back here!!” Justin yelled, but Eve took off running, giggling. He froze. Did she just giggle? It was something he had never heard come out of Eve’s mouth. His thoughts were interrupted by a snowball to the face. “What was that?!”

     “SNOW FIGHT!!” One of the Stantler yelled, scooping up a mound of snow in his horns before throwing it at Justin. His head was whipped to the side as the snow hit him.

     “Hey! That’s not fair!!” Eve smiled from her perch on one of the Stantler’s backs.

     “You brought this on yourself.”

     He responded by flicking his tail at the snow in front of him, sending some of it at her. The Stantler she was on shrieked and backed up quickly, but Eve had jumped off, landing on a different Stantler. Instead of backing down, this one reared, stomping on the snow with all his might. The snow bank Justin was standing on rose up and came crashing down on him.

     “Oh-pooh-brother!!” He glared at her. “Dammit Eve!!” He received another mound of snow to the face. Sitting on the ground in front of him was a grinning Sneasal with yellow traits.

     “Hello.” He lunged, but she was much nimbler than him and easily dodged.

     “Can you give me some help?!” Justin yelled at the Stantler who were watching on. They giggled. Eve skated around him, scooping some snow into her claws before throwing it. “EVE!!!” She giggled again, hurling more snow at him. There was a snort from where the herd was resting, and the young Stantler pranced away, laughing. Justin clambered out of the newly formed snowbank and began shaking snow from his fur, ears, tail, and Defense Scarf.

     “You are an evil little-” Eve skated back to him and dropped her illusion.

     “Admit that was fun and you enjoyed that.”

     “The day I do that is the day I challenge Loudred to a volume contest.”

     “So, very soon?” He snorted.

     “Your wish.”

     “Not exactly. I prefer having my ears not ringing, thank you.” Eve stared at him. “Come on. They will be ready to go soon,” she paused, then grinned, “kid.”

     “Oh my-” A branch of snow fell down on him.


     They’d been traveling for over two hours, with Riley checking to make sure they were getting closer. Beartic was slowly moving south, so every once in a while, they would modify their course.

     “How much further?” Anna asked and they paused, allowing Riley to use aura again. Close. They were close. Beartic was slowly turning west, toward their path. If they kept going, they would intercept him

     “Not much. Less than two kilometers. Let’s keep moving the way we were before. I think he might be aware of our presence.” She nodded and they kept walking. Finally, he asked, “ are we going to do this?”

     “You mean, take him down?” She rolled her eyes. “Against an ice-type, Fire Blast and Aura Sphere should have a dangerous combo, don’t you think?”

     “Only if we get the first hit.” They started walking again. “I’ve heard a rumor about Beartic in worries me. I’ve heard they have...a one hit KO move.” Her eyes widened, and she turned to stare at him.

     “That puede be trouble.” She agreed, then withdrew into her thoughts, obviously planning a different strategy.

     “He might decide to shadow us, so we could backtrack and surprise him. Or we could try to draw him out, but he may not take the bait.”

     “Yes...” She nodded. Riley shut his eyes as his aura appendages vibrated. Something wasn’t right. The mountains were looming over them, and-

     “Uh-oh. Anna.” She blinked, looking at him. “I think we may have to use your plan.”

     “Por que the change in opinion?” He grimaced, then slowly pointed up.


     “WHO GOES THERE?!?!” A voice boomed from above them. Anna’s blue eyes rose and Riley groaned. Standing on a ledge ten feet above them was a massive bear Pokémon, ice covering his fur.

     “Is that-”

     “That’s him.” Riley grimly confirmed. “And I can’t believe I let him sneak up on us. He moved faster than I thought.”

     “TURN BACK NOW!! THIS IS MY TERRITORY!” It boomed, shooting down a beam of ice. They dodged, charging up for a fight. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!”

     “You can make this easy, or hard.” Anna warned, tails beginning to glow a brilliant white. The snow around her was melting at an exponential rate. It roared again, sending down another Ice Beam. She sent back a Fire Blast in return, and he ducked away. “Hard it is then.” A pink glow surrounded her, and the two explorers vanished into thin air.

     “WHAT IS THIS?!” Beartic bellowed, staring down at the place where they had been. An explosion at his back caused him to turn, and he received a green Aura Sphere to the face. “WHAT?!”

     “One more chance, Beartic.” Riley warned. He and Anna stood next to the stone ledge, shielded by Anna’s Protect. “Come with us. We don’t want to have to fight you.”

     “THIS IS MY TERRITORY, TRESPASSERS!!” He charged, bouncing fruitlessly off the bubble. “ARRGH!!”

     “Sorry, then.” Riley wound up and threw a Hurl Orb at the Beartic, knocking it off the ledge. “It’s too dangerous up here.” He explained to Anna, following the Freezing Pokémon over the cliff. She groaned, That Riolu is crazy... before warping down to join him.


     “It’s been a quiet trip.” Justin said as he glanced at an ice-encrusted rock. Eve said nothing, instead keeping focused on the path ahead. After another minute, “If you ask me, it’s too quiet.”

     “You know, my family use to say that if you speak of something, it will find you.”

     “So I jinxed us? Hey, maybe we’ll find a Jinx!!” Eve would have face-palmed if her body had allowed it.

     “...Have I ever said how terrible you are at puns?”

     “Hey, I think I’m pretty good!”

     “...Justin?” She said softly. “What is that in front of us?”

     “What?” He climbed her neck to perch on her head. Less than a quarter mile away was a Pokémon. It was a Snover, and it was looking directly at them. “Eve, I’m getting bad vibes from this guy.”

     “...” She felt it too. Slowing to a walk, and then stopping, she shut her eyes. Future Sight. Her yellow orbs flashed once, and images filled Eve’s mind.

     The Snover had been joined by a three other Pokémon. A Gligar, Delibird, and Bagon. They were leering. On the other side of the Stantler herd, two Pokémon emerged from the trees. A Glalie and Chingling. Justin tensing on her back. The Pokémon charging forward. The herd panicking.

     “Oh dear.” She opened her eyes as the Gliscor and Bagon emerged, the Delibird not far behind. Eve turned without warning, galloping back toward the herd.

     “EVE?!” Justin yelled, startled. He threw his legs around her neck to stay on her back.

     “Robbers.” Eve snorted, racing back to where the herd was approaching. “OBOSHI!!!” The Stantler looked up, alarmed. “Can you fight?!”

     “What’s the matter?!”

     “There-There is a trap! An ambush!” On her back, Justin tensed.


     “Bandits!” Justin swung to look at the four Pokémon.

     “Hey!! Whadaya want?!” He yelled at them, shaking his paw.

     “What else? Money.” Snover grinned as they approached. “Or precious treasure. Either one is fine with us. Give it up and we’ll let you pass.”

     “We have no money or treasure.” Oboshi shifted nervously, a mood that was reflected by the herd. “Let us be.”

     “We’re not afraid of jackasses like you!!” Justin yelled. “So SCAT!”

     “And who might you be?” Gligar floated in the air, sneering at the Eevee.

     “Team Bright Star, an exploration team! We’re graduates of Wigglytuff’s Guild, and one day we’ll be the best!!” At the mention of Wigglytuff’s Guild, the Snover, Gligar, and Bagon froze.

     “B-Boss, did they say...” Bagon trembled in fear.

     “Wi-Wi-Wigglytuff?! I knew I had a bad feeling!!” Gligar landed on the ground, eyes wide.

     “Snap out of it!! We’ve grown! And this is just two of them!! Delibird, take them down!! Glalie, Chingling! Get the money!!” Two other Pokémon emerged from the woods beyond the herd, approaching the Stantler. The Glalie looked dangerous, while the Chingling looked hesitant. Screams broke out amongst the Stantler.




     “Justin! Go with Oboshi!!” Eve spun, yellow light flashing. One by one, the Stantler froze, caught in Eve’s Imprison.

     “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Oboshi reared angrily.

     “We must fight!! Now they will not run off!!”


     “Then we’d better not lose!!” Justin leapt from Eve’s back to Oboshi’s. “BRINGITON!!!” He yelled as Oboshi charged toward the Glalie and Chingling. Justin charged up a Focus Blast, hurling it at the Glalie, who dodged. Eve galloped toward the four on the other side, yellow orbs glowing. A wave of yellow light washed over them, then died away.

     “HA! Is that all?!” Snover laughed, forming around him. “Take her!!”

     “Here yah go!!” Delibird reached behind his back, then threw a red and white object at her. It struck her in the muzzle. The pain sent ripples through her illusion, causing it to flicker momentarily.

     “What was that?!” Gligar yelled, but Eve recovered, using Shadow Ball. Snover and Delibird dodged, but Bagon and Gligar weren’t so lucky.


     “Hey!! Stop!!”

     “Snover, I knew it was a bad idea to come to the snow!!” Bagon shivered.

     “Let’s just get out of here!!” Gligar wavered in his flight.

     “You are weaklings.” Delibird snorted, running at Eve. She rolled her eyes, using Imprison. The Delivery Pokémon froze, unable to move.

     “Rush her!!” Snover yelled at Gligar and Bagon. They groaned, but obeyed. Gligar spat a mouthful of poisonous darts at her, while Bagon used Ember.

     “Never.” She snorted. Shadow Balls pummeled both of them. Looking up at Snover, she saw fear in his face. “Why can you not challenge me yourself?” He growled, hate flashing in his eyes. Charging, he swung his arm, which was covered in green light. She rose, striking out with her hooves. The two attacks met, canceling each other out. Eve stumbled, the counter-attack costing power from her illusion. It flickered, revealing her true form for a second. The bandit’s eyes widened.

     “Wh-What was that?!” Bagon yelled.

     “I don’t know!!” Gligar yelped.

     “It’s some sort of ghost. A demon-!” Snover clutched his stomach as the recoil damage from Wood Hammer came. Eve stumbled to her feet. “And, I’m gonna get rid of it!!” Shards of ice came to life around him, flying at Eve. Night Daze. She thought, rearing into the air. Yellow aura began to form around her hooves, and when she brought them down, a small dome of black energy emerged from her body, blocking the ice.

     “I-I will not be brought down by a group of thieves.” She said, then screamed as pain shot up and down her back. Unable to maintain the illusion, she fell to the ground. Delibird landed on the ground next to her, wing glowing.

     “It’s a Zorua!!” He exclaimed. “Well, fancy that!” He grabbed her ear, pulling her up. “And a color-traited one!!”

     Any moment now... She grit her teeth. It will come any second now.

     “Are you serious? I thought they were extinct!!” Bagon slowly padded toward her, a curious gleam in his eye.

     “You know,” Delibird was saying, “for a graduate of Wigglytuff’s Guild, I was expecting more, and from the way you guys complained-”


     Yellow orbs began to form around the four Pokémon. Startled, Delibird threw Eve to the side. She groaned as pain rocketed up her spine.

     “What’s going on Snover?!” Gligar screamed, waving his claws in the air.

     “Wh-What?!” Yellow sparks crackled around them, growing in power. “What’s this?! What’d you do?!” Snover swung his gaze to Eve, who smirked.

     “...Future Sight. I affected you at the beginning of the battle...and it is taking effect now. You cannot avoid it... Even if I were to be knocked out, you would still suffer the damage...”

     “Da-Damn you!!” Snover stumbled forward, but a set of small red quills buried themselves in the snow in front of him. He froze.

     “Touch her and you die.” Justin growled, hopping forward, tail bristling.

     “We are a team.” Eve gazed at the Frost Tree Pokémon. “And you never had a chance to win. Thieves will never win.”

     Beams of yellow light came crashing from the sky on the four Pokémon. They screamed as energy rushed through them, crushing them. When it was done, they collapsed to the ground.

     “Are you okay?” Justin turned to Eve, who gave a small smile.

     “I have suffered worse.” Reaching into her bag, she removed an Oran Berry and split it in half, offering him half of it.

     “Thanks.” He popped it into his mouth, swallowing it whole. Eve took a small bite, feeling it heal her injuries.

     “We have won.”

     “Yep.” Justin grinned, then turned to the bandits, who were beginning to stir. He yelled, “AND GET OUTTA HERE!!!”

     “Yahhhhh!!!!” They took off, running into the trees and vanished from sight.

     “Cowards.” He growled, then turning toward the Stantler herd. “Is everyone okay?!”

     “Y-Yes.” Oboshi’s voice shook. “A bit frightened, but without injury.” He surveyed his herd. There were wide eyes, and most of the young ones were shaking, but no one had dashed off. It was thanks to Eve’s Imprison. As much as he despised her doing something to his tribe, he knew it had been for the best.

     “Eve…come here.” Justin was motioning her to where he had been fighting. “When I beat them...Glalie took off, leaving Chimecho.” The body of the Bell Pokémon was shivering, even when it was unconscious. “Eve…he’s just a kid. We can’t leave him out alone like this. The others…they probably won’t come back for him. He’ll die.” She stared at the little Pokémon that was no bigger than Justin.

     “We will take him.” She looked at the Eevee. “We will find somewhere to take him. Somewhere he will be safe, and grow up.” Justin smiled.

     “Thanks Eve. It’ll work out!” She gave him a hesitant smile, and a gust of cold air swirled around them, making Eve shiver. Just west of Mount Horn, a storm was gathering. She shielded her eyes. It was small, but was growing with every second.

     “Justin, we must move on.” She pulled the Chingling onto her back then shifted into a Stantler again. He turned, spotting the storm.

     “...okay!” Bounding over to where she stood, he leapt onto her back. “Oboshi, is your valley close?!”

     “Not much further.” He snorted, staring at the swirling clouds.

     “Can you run?”

     “Of course.” His eyes swept over his herd to be certain. “I will run with you, to show you. That storm is unnatural and-”

     “We should avoid it at all costs.” Justin nodded. “Eve!! Let’s go!!”

     “...” I hope that Anna and Riley are safe.


     “An orb won’t work?!” Riley shielded his eyes from the pelting snow.

     “No!!” Anna squeezed another weather orb, hoping to disperse the snowstorm. But moments after the weather calmed, it kicked back up again. “It has to be the Beartic!!”

     “AAHH!!” A jet of cold rime slammed into Riley’s side, freezing onto his fur. He touched his hip, feeling the cold energy. His eyes widened as memories coursed into him.


     ‘It’s just a simple thing!!’

     ‘N-Never! I won’t serve him!!’

     ‘Very well then.’


     “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!” Heat traveled up his body as it melted, along with the memory. “Riley, wake up!!” He focused and saw Anna breathing onto the rime, destroying it. “We need to fight!!” She spun, a Fire Blast shooting into the whirling snow. There was a loud roar, and she dodged another blast of the blue rime.

     Right. Not right now. Can’t let them take over me. He pinched his arm, then shut his eyes. The Beartic was moving like a ghost in the snowstorm, circling them. He opened his mouth, shooting another Ice Beam at them. Here goes nothing. Leaving Anna’s side, he flung himself into the snowstorm, catching Beartic with a Force Palm.

     “ARGH?!” Spinning, he then struck the larger Pokémon in the muzzle, knocking it to the ground. But it was up in a second, Ice Beam coming toward him. He moved away, and in that second Beartic vanished into the snow. Snow Cloak. Riley finally realized. The snow’s boosting his speed and stealth.

     “He’s getting away!!” Anna yelled, sensing Beartic’s presence leaving.

     “Oh no, he’s not!!” Riley leapt forward, using Quick Attack.

     “It may be a trap!!” Anna yelled from behind him.

     “We’ll have to take that risk!!” He ran through the snow. His light weight kept him from sinking, unlike Beartic. Deep pawprints were clear to follow.

     “There’s a lake ahead!!” Anna yelled. The snowstorm was slowing dying as they traveled farther from where it began. “He’s trapped!!”

     “Yah!!” The air was clearing. Hail was becoming snow, which fell gently on them. The trees were also thinning, revealing a lake covered in ice.

     “Dónde está él?” The pawprints went right up to the water’s edge, where they vanished.

     “Is he...” Riley leaned forward. “ the lake?” Beartic’s aura was below the surface, moving quickly. Too quickly. “Anna!! Mo-” A column of water burst from the surface, slamming Anna into a tree. The pine shuddered, dropping it’s snow on her.

     “What the hell?!” She spat, body temperature rising to melt it within second. The Water-type attack had hurt her more than anticipated, but she didn’t show it.

     “YOU SURVIVED?!?!” Beartic roared, water swirling around him again. Bracing herself, Anna flung an Energy Ball at him, combining with Riley’s Aura Sphere. Snarling, Beartic dove under the water again, dodging the combined attack.

     “Here he comes!!” Riley charged up Force Palm, meeting the Aqua Jet head-on. There was an explosion, and droplet of water rained down on them.

     “You two are powerful...” Cold wind began to whip around them again. Beartic’s grey eyes flashed white. “FEEL MY WRATH!!!”

     “What is he doing?” Riley backed up. Energy was forming a cone around Beartic, shielding him. Beartic roared, and a column of ice and snow shot toward them, but veered away at the last moment. It exploded against one of the boulders at the lake’s edge. Ice spun around it, the wind howling. Frost and ice covered the surface, and the boulder exploded in shards of rime.

     “Oh holy Arceus...” Riley muttered. “What is that...?”

     “I MISSED?” Beartic growled, staring at the place where the boulder had stood. He glared at Anna and Riley, eyes flashing white again. “THEN, AGAIN!!”

     “DO NOT LET HIM GET YOU!!” Riley yelled at Anna, preparing to dodge.

     “I KNOW!!!” She screamed back.

     Beartic fired again, the beam hitting the trunk of a tree. It shattered, the tree crashing down, and they were forced to dodge. They shielded their eyes, and the wind began to howl again, clouds swirling around them. Oh come on!!! Riley groaned, feeling the hail pelt his fur. There was a shadow to his left, and he dodged, but just barely. Frost and ice covered his left arm, the cold freezing his blood.

     Anna shut her eyes, trying to ignore the constant pain of the hail. In her mind, two orbs came to life. A white one and a green one. She knew which one was which.

     Teleport!!! She reached inside of her to the power she had once possessed, transporting herself to Riley’s side.

     “We’re going to have one shot!!” Anna yelled above the wind.

     “This is beyond crazy!!” He yelled back. She gave a laugh.

     “That was Primal Dialga!!”

     A figure rose in front of them.

     “I HAVE YOU NOW!!!” Beartic opened his mouth and released the Sheer Cold. Anna’s eyes flashed once before a column of ice and snow surrounded them. A pillar of ice dropped on them, screaming with the wind.

     ‘Now!’ There was a small explosion, and the snowstorm died, revealing a round ball of ice with shards sticking in every direction. It was silent. Beartic took a deep breath, staring at the ice.

     “I,” he turned to roar at the sky, “WIN!!!”

     “No!” Something slammed into his stomach and he doubled over, only to receive a kick to the face. “You don’t!” The Riolu stood before him, unharmed. Beartic couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

     “BUT-HOW-?!?!” Riley smirked.

     “Turn around.” Beartic didn’t have a chance to. A star-shaped blast of fire shrouded him, burning his fur. He roared, trying to swat it away, but there was no chance. It roared with power and he collapsed onto the snow, breathing heavily, unable to recover.

     “We’re heading to Tiny Town, and you’re coming with us.” Riley removed a Sleep Seed from his bag, forcing it into the Beartic’s mouth.  His eyes rolled back into his head, and he started snoring.

     “Mission accomplished.” Riley took a deep breath, then looked at Anna. “Great job. The Protect was a good call.” Anna smiled.

     “Gracias. You’re amazing too.” She glanced at the sphere of ice, and it imploded when the Protect that had shaped and supported it dissolved.

     “You are amazing.” Riley laughed, throwing an arm around her. “Let’s go. I hate the cold.”

     “Idea excelente.” She smiled, reaching into her bag to remove a Warp Orb.          


Snowy Mountains
Hello!!! It's been a while since I submitted anything, so I hope anyone didn't place bets on how long I'd be out.
DUNDUNDUN!! I incorporated two different missions from :iconPokemonMDClub: . The Stantler mission was part of December, and that's when I started working on this piece. I was gonna submit it on New Year's Eve, but the admin for the club had already closed off that job by the time I got on. (snaps fingers) Dang it!! But I think it's better with the extra time I spent on it. (shrugs)
So! The team split up to cover two jobs. When looking at the December board for Pokemon MD Club, I thought these two missions belonged together. So I did them together. If you don't like it, deal with it. (Crosses arms stubbornly). I did what I thought was acceptable.
Did anyone catch the two references in here? Bonus points to those who can!


So anyway...yay! I'm back. Hopefully will be posting more soon.
PS: check out companion images. They're Eve's Illusions (at least two) from this short.
Stantler: EVE-Stantler
Vaporeon: EVE-Vaporeon
EVE-Wingull by Fire-Star-Bird
Love how this one turned out!!
It's Eve's Illusion from Something Fun
Thank you :iconpklucario: for allowing me to use the image. Check out the original at <da:thumb id="390822627">!!
Psychic Pavilion Leader Reuniclus by Fire-Star-Bird
Psychic Pavilion Leader Reuniclus
I am very proud of this art!!!! But man, did the scanner eat up the color!!! Have I ever mentioned how amazing photo manipulation programs are? Thanks to Photo Gallery, I was able to restore a lot of the color! !
Sorry about the lighting. You can only do so much with colored pencils. And I know I made Reuniclus's skin too green. Trust me, I know!!!
Originally, I was going to do Alakazam. It just seemed like the right Pokemon, you know? But than I thought "but that's what everyone else would do." So I looked elsewhere. To be serious, Reuniclus didn't even make the list. But then I looked at it and it seemed like the type to be underestimated. So...I did it. And it's a good thing too, since one of the other entries for the contest was an Alakazam. But then again, when I saw the first entry...I was like TT_TT ".........oh boy." In case you haven't seen the other enteries...check them out!!

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