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Part 3: Daku Keimusho
El Futuro


     “Incredible!” Chimecho was examining Riley, and she was staring at the cuts that covered his body. They were an angry pink color, and some were slightly swollen, but all of them were beginning to heal. The incision that went right over his hip bone was still open to the flesh, but it looked better than it did five days ago. “I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s completely unnatural!”

     “So will I be able to go out with Anna and Justin today?” Riley asked anxiously.

     “If you weren’t looking so energetic, or if your injuries were worse, I would say no. But you’re not...completely out of sorts, so yes, you can.”

     “Thanks!!” Riley grabbed his bag from next to his bed, and slung it onto his shoulder, but winced when the strap rubbed one of the gashes on his shoulder.

     “But I’m not releasing you completely.” Chimecho said threateningly, waving her tail in his face. “If you even feel a BIT dizzy or weak, you will come BACK IMMEDIATEDLY.”

     “Okay, okay! I understand!” Riley held up his paws in compliance. “I will!”

     “Excellent!” Chimecho’s expression brightened and she reached for the items behind her. “Escape Orbs,” she handed him three orbs, “extra bandages,” she held out a roll of pale blue bandages, “and Oran-Sitrus Juice,” she passed him a canteen covered in brown-green material. “A quick sip will take away pain, but not permanently, so if it gets too bad, come back to the guild if it’s too bad!”

     “Okay.” Riley nodded, slipping the items into his bag, then removed a familiar grey stone, looking at it. He turned his Relic Fragment over in his paws.

     “I didn’t think I’d be able to see it again.” He murmured, more to himself than to Chimecho.

     “Come on, it isn’t proper to keep a worried girl waiting.” Chimecho laughed, and Riley’s cheeks flushed.


     “Don’t worry about it. I understand your feelings.” She winked, and headed off to the central room. Ugh...I wonder if everyone else knows. Riley grimaced as he then followed her out.

     “Hey, hey! Riley!” Corphish yelled as the two emerged from the crew rooms. “Good to see you moving around!”

     “Hello Corphish.” Riley said, looking at Anna and Justin. The Eevee was grinning mischievously, and Anna was watching carefully, eyes filled with worry. He smiled, and watched as her face relaxed a little.

     “So are you coming today?!” Justin asked in a chipper voice.

     “Yah.” He nodded, but Anna glanced at Chimecho for confirmation.

     “But if he feels faint, come back at once.” Chimecho said firmly, and Riley grimaced. Thanks Chimecho...

     “Yes.” Anna nodded. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on him.”

     “So are you feeling good?” Justin looked over Riley. “You look better.”

     “I feel better.” Riley agreed.

     “Are you-” Anna began, but Chatot cut her off.

     “Ahem!” Everyone’s attention shifted to Chatot, but Anna continued to watch Riley out of the corner of her eye. “About the attempt to capture Timpo...We have yet to receive word that he has been captured. I understand that you all are itching for something to happen, but consider this a test of patience!”

     “That’s too hard for Loudred. He has no patience.” Justin said seriously, and everyone snickered while Loudred glared at the Eevee.

     “You know what, you little twerp-” Then the emergency siren sounded. Everyone jumped.

     “Hey, what’s going on?!” Corphish looked around wildly.

     “Deputy Magnemite is here!!” Diglett called out from the sentry post.

     “ZZT!” Magnemite’s voice carried down the Sentry Hole. “We are extremely pleased to deliver the report that Tiempo Grovyle has been captured!! ZZT!”


     “By golly! They finally nabbed him!” Bidoof cheered.

     “Oh my gosh!! Yippee!” Sunflora grabbed Loudred’s paws and began to spin around with him.

     “Wow, that’s great!!” Justin was jumping up and down happily.

     “ZZT! There’s more!” Magnemite continued when the cheers died down. “The Great Dusknoir will be returning with Tiempo Grovyle to the future, so that he can face justice. ZZT!” Silence filled the guild, replacing the cheers that had been present moments before.

     “Dusknoir is...” Chimecho blinked.

     “Going back to the future?” Riley asked, head tilted. Anna and Justin had told him all about Dusknoir and Tiempo, and where they had come from. He found it amazing.

     “The Great Dusknoir is leaving us?” Chatot looked dazed. Anna let out the breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding in.

     “ZZT! I do not understand the process, but he called it a Dimensional Hole. ZZT! Dusknoir said that he wishes to say goodbye. Therefore, he hopes that you will all come to see him one last time at Treasure Town’s square. ZZT!”

     “Hey, hey, hey! What are we waiting for?!” Corphish was scampering to the ladder.

     “HURRY UP!!” Loudred yelled, charging after him.  Soon, the guild was empty except for Riley, Anna, and Justin.

     “Let’s go!!” Justin said excitedly. “We don’t want to be the last ones there!!”


     The square was filled with Pokémon, but mostly with the Treasure Town residents. Directly in front of everyone, there was a pulsing black and purple vortex that rippled with energy. Anna took one look at it, and began to shiver.

     “So THAT’S a Dimensional Hole?” Loudred, Bidoof, and Sunflora approached the Dimensional Hole.

     “Golly, so stepping inside it will take you to the future?” Bidoof stepped forward, but Officer Magnezone shot between him and the Dimensional Hole.

     “BZZZTT!! Watch out! The instant you touch it, you will be sent to the future! There is no way to come back! BZT!”

     “Oof!” Bidoof looked guilty, but backed away.

     “Riley.” Riley looked up to see Azelf floating toward him. “I haven’t gotten the chance to thank you properly for saving me at Crystal Lake.” He ducked his head in appreciation.

     “It’s nothing.”

     “No it’s not.” Azelf said seriously. “It nearly cost you your life, and I don’t know how I’ll be able to repay you for this.”

     “Oh...” Riley looked down at feet. “Thanks, I guess.”

     “No, the thanks is all mine.”

     Chica?” Mar approached Anna, who was still staring at the Dimensional Hole. He tapped her with his bone. “Are you unwell?” Anna’s eyes were beginning to cloud up, and she was shuddering violently.

     Fear was creeping into Anna’s heart. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she couldn’t stop it. She was so scared. She couldn’t stand the hole that kept changing shape, that was pulling her in. She couldn’t get away. It was overwhelming her, growing bigger and bigger. A dark laugh filled her ears.

     Then it began to die away. The darkness melted into the light, which faded away to leave her in Treasure Town. Mesprit was floating above her, eyes shut and the gem on her forehead glowing a deep blue. Anna took a deep breath, and let it out. Mesprit’s eyes opened, and her jewel returned to normal.


     “What...What happened?” Anna looked around. The Pokémon that surrounded her were watching nervously.

     “Your emotions were being amplified by a dark energy.” Mesprit told her. “For whatever reason, the emotions you were feeling, fear and anxiety, were taking over, causing you to potentially go into a coma.”


     “Here comes the Great Dusknoir!” Someone yelled, and everyone turned to the east, where a group of Pokémon were approaching. Anna didn’t look up. Instead she ran a paw over her face, rubbing her eyes, then looking down. Her left paw...if Anna didn’t know any better, she would’ve said it was glowing a dark greyish-black color.

     “You okay?” Riley whispered to her, and the glow that surrounded her paw vanished.

     “......I am now.” Anna took a deep breath, and looked up. Dusknoir was leading a group of four Pokémon; there was Tiempo, and then there were three purple-humanoid Pokémon with grey-blue stones set where their eyes would be, and stones on their chest and back. Behind Team Bright Star, Mar gave a low growl.

     “Mar?” Riley looked behind him. The leader of the Marowak Dojo was glaring at the Pokémon that surrounded Tiempo with a deep hatred.

     “Those are Sableye.” He growled softly, so differently from his normally neutral tone. “Awful Pokémon.”

     “What do you mean?” Justin asked.

     “They travel in groups, attacking any Pokémon they think is weak enough for them to take out. Night or day, it doesn’t matter. Their vision is so good, it could be the dead of night, and they’d know exactly what is going on around them. Devilish imps.”

     Anna shifted her gaze to Tiempo. He was bound with heavy-duty ropes and muzzled, but his eyes were flashing in every direction, like he was searching for something. She didn’t know why, but as she gazed at him, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, despite everything he’d put her through. His eyes were full of pain, and deep gashes covered his body, rubbing against the ropes that bound him.

     “Everyone!!” Dusknoir stopped in front of the Dimensional Hole, and the Sableye stopped next to him, flanking Tiempo on either side. “It is with great honor that I can proclaim that Grovyle,” he pointed to the bound Tree Gecko Pokémon, “has been captured!!” Applause filled the square.

     “This was made possible by your selfless support and cooperation! You have my thanks!!” Everyone cheered. Except Anna. She was staring at Tiempo, who stared right back. He narrowed his eyes at her, but not in a malicious way. Anna tilted her head, trying to figure out what he was doing.

     ‘Espreo!!!’ A voice echoed through Anna’s head, and she recoiled, startled. ‘I know you can hear me!!’

     Is that Tiempo?! Anna stared in shock at the bound Grovyle.

     ‘Espero, listen!!’ His voice came in clearer. ‘You can let them take me away, but you can’t let them put the Time Gears back!’


     ‘Get them, and-’ One of the Sableye poked Tiempo sharply in the middle of his neck, causing him to double over, and Anna couldn’t hear his voice anymore. What...What just happened? She kept staring at Tiempo, but nothing else happened.

     “As you can see,” Dusknoir was saying, “Grovyle is a vicious and wicked Pokémon. His capture should result in a lasting peace for this world.” Tiempo’s eyes widened, and he shook his head viciously in Anna’s direction.

     “Mmmff!! Mmmmmf!”

     “He’s been gagged...” Justin observed. “Huh...?”

     “I also must deliver another sad piece of news. The time has come for me to return to the future. I must now bid you farewell.”

     “Golly...I’m feelin’ the blues...” Bidoof wiped a tear away.

     “Oh my gosh...I guess it’s true...” Sunflora said in a dejected voice.

     “Uxie...Mesprit...Azelf...” Dusknoir looked to the lake trio at his right. “I entrust to you what must be done.”

     “Yep.” Azelf nodded.

     “We know.” Uxie said. “We will make certain that the Time Gears are returned to their rightful places.”

     “MrMrMrf!” Tiempo tried yelling, but the muzzle around his mouth kept it clamped firmly shut.

     “BZZT! Thank you very much! You have literally saved us all! BZZT!” Magnezone bobbed up and down. Dusknoir turned to look at Tiempo, and then at the Sableye.

     “It’s time.” His voice is off. Riley noted, looking carefully. There was something in his eye...but Riley couldn’t put his paw on what it was.

     Two of the Sableye grabbed Tiempo under his arms, dragged him to the Dimensional Hole, and the third Sableye delivered a swift kick to his back, propelling him in. All three Sableye bowed to Dusknoir, then they jumped in.

     “I’m afraid the time has come for me to leave...” Dusknoir cast his eye around the square, then slowly approached the Dimensional Hole.

     “Oooh...I hate sad goodbyes!” Sunflora’s leaves were wilting slightly.

     “Waahh!!!” Chatot was crying into Wigglytuff’s shoulder. “Dusknoir...sir...waaaah!!!”

     “Ah, yes. I almost forgot.” Dusknoir stopped inches from the Dimensional Hole and turned. “I wish to see two Pokémon. Riley! And Anna!” Everyone’s attention swiveled to the two of them.

     “Let’s go up there.” Riley said, and Anna followed behind him. But something was wrong. It felt like every nerve in her body was screaming a warning. Like something was pulling her back. Like something wasn’t right. She eyed the warping Dimensional Hole that floated inches behind Dusknoir. It pulsed darkly, making her shudder.

     “Dusknoir...thank you for everything.” Riley said, the beginning of a tear forming in the corner of his eye. “Thank you for capturing Tiempo, for saving us-no. For saving everyone.”

     “Yes...” Dusknoir shut his eye.

     “...” Anna was watching his every movement. Every nerve was on alert.

     “So I guess...this is good-bye.”

     “I suppose...” He opened his eye, and leered at the two of them. “Or is it?”

     “Excuse me?” Riley asked as Anna sprung back, hackles raised. Dusknoir flung down an orb, and there was a blast of smoke that covered the whole square.

     “It’s too soon for farewells!” Dusknoir yelled, reaching out, grabbing Riley by his torso and Anna by her neck.

     “What the heck?!!” Riley bellowed, the smoke making his eyes water uncontrollably.

     “AAAHH!!” Anna desperately clawed at Dusknoir’s arm, but with no luck.

     “You two are coming with me!!”

     Dusknoir leaned back and slid into the Dimensional Hole, slamming Anna and Riley’s heads together as he went. The two color-traited Pokémon fell into darkness as the Dimensional Hole closed, sealing them off from their world.


     The smoke faded just in time for the entirety of Treasure Town to see Riley and Anna’s tails vanish through the Dimensional Hole.

     Justin was the first to respond.

     “ANNA!! RILEY!!!” He charged toward the hole.

     “OH MY GOSH!!” Sunflora shrieked.

     “Riley! Anna! No!” Chimecho exclaimed.

     “We need to go after them!” Tediursa cried. Justin was about to reach the Dimensional Hole when a brown and white blur shot overhead. Mar landed on the ground between Justin and the Dimensional Hole, blocking the Eevee’s path.

     “No niño! It’s too dangerous!!”

     “NO!” Justin screamed as Mar’s bone kept maneuvering to keep him from reaching the portal. “Anna! Riley!”

     Without warning, there was a loud crackle, and the portal snapped shut, leaving behind a stunned and horrified Treasure Town.

Team Bright Star~Ch25~FUTURE
DUN DUN DUN!!! What the heck just happened?!
Dusknoir was going to use a Luminous Orb, but that seemed like too much like Tiempo's style. So I gave him a Smoke Orb. (Smoke and light, someone see opposites?) And Anna really hates Dimensional Holes. It's part of her past, so of course I won't reveal anything!!
I won't be posting for a while. I want to get Chapters 26-29 done before posting any. Do-do.

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Next Chapter: TBPIAW
Companion Image: NA

Part 3: Daku Keimusho
When Paths Cross


     Riley was drifting in the ocean, eyes shut. He had gone swimming only a few times before in the ocean, but he recognized the feeling of bobbing up and down with the waves. The current was pulling him farther into the sea, making it more like a river, but he didn’t mind. Every part of his body hurt, from his ears to his tail, and any movement caused his head to spin. So he let the current slowly pull him in, farther from the shore.

     “You’re...leaving?” A child’s voice asked. They were curious, but in a way, disappointed. He couldn’t speak, so all he did was nod. And even that movement caused his body to groan in pain. “Why? That’s mean.”

     What are you talking about? Riley thought. What’s mean?

     “You’ll make her cry.”

     Her? But even as he thought it, a face appeared in his mind. Anna’s. Wait. What do you mean?

     “Look around you.” Riley forced his eyes open.

     What he had thought was the ocean was actually a sea of swirling white liquid, which was carrying him towards a place where the water dropped out of sight. Is that a waterfall?! His thoughts spun in a panic.

     “It’s death.” The child sounded close to crying. “Please, don’t give up. There are Pokémon who love you. Don’t give up!!” They called, but their voice was getting farther and farther away. Riley tried lifting an arm, but the liquid kept trying to pull him down, like strings attached to his limbs.

     ‘Give up.’ It seemed to whisper seductively in his ear. ‘It’s such a live. You don’t have to suffer.’

     No...I can’t...I need to...go back. But the water kept rushing, growing faster and more powerful.

     ‘You don’t need to suffer. You don’t have to continue down the road that leads only to pain.’ The voice blurred with the roaring water that was cresting around him. ‘You don’t need to suffer...’ Riley squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stay afloat. ‘...don’t need to suffer...don’t need to suffer...’

     ‘Riley...’ A voice whispered on the wind, over the roar of the water. Anna? His eyes snapped open.

     ‘Please...don’t die.’ Her voice was so sad and broken, it made his heart break.

     ‘Don’t leave me.’ He blinked, shocked at her words.

     ‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry...Please, come back...’ He blinked again, then gritted his teeth, and, ignoring the pain, lifted one arm, then the other, trying to paddle away from the waterfall.

     ‘No. Stay. It’s too much trouble to turn back. Stay.’

     “Ca...Can’t.” He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing every ounce of energy into getting away. A wave rose over him, forcing him under the liquid. Images filled his head; a boy frozen in ice, a leering Wevile, the inside of cold and dark mountain, a group of Pokémon that were laughing at him, a bloody paw pressed against his side, with blood spreading over his fur, the cold floor rushing to meet him as his strength faded.

     ‘Don’t you see?! Life is full of pain! There’s nothing good in it!’ The voice was screaming in his ears.

     Wr...Wrong... Riley choked, unable to breath. It was almost impossible, but he forced himself to remember other things. The laughter of a long-lost friend. Surprise at finding a world of sanctuary. His friends at the guild. And Anna. His best friend and...the Pokémon he cared most about.

     “Hold on!!” A voice cried, and Riley felt himself be ripped from the water with a tremendous amount of force. He landed on something hard and his body screamed in agony. Coughing violently, with spots splattered across his vision, Riley looked around, but saw no one.

     Who...are you...

     “ won’t die...” It was the voice of the child. “I’ll help you get back to where you need to go. You don’t belong here...” Riley’s head flopped against what he was laying on, and he passed out.


     Tiempo’s feet were pounding against the dirt. His body was screaming, and his chest was burning. He had been running for a long time, but he didn’t want to get caught. Not now. Not ever.

     He was swearing curses against Dusknoir, Sableye, and every other Pokémon he hated. He had gathered five Times Gears, almost all without any kind of trouble. Then, the last one-he couldn’t get!! It was the last one he needed!

     After all I’ve been through, why now?! Don’t fail now!!

     His legs started to give out on him, but Tiempo forced them to keep moving over the peak of Mount Bristle. He thought about Dusknoir, and his hatred of the Ghost-type kept him moving forward. Dawn was coming, and that meant it would be easier to get caught. He had to find cover.

     He tripped, rolling down an especially steep and rocky hill, the sharp stones created new punctures, but forced himself to rise and keep going. Dusknoir might be right behind him, and Tiempo had no strength to fight him off. He could only run.


     Tiempo reached the forest orchards of Oran Forest and Apple Woods when the sun was high in the sky. The crisp air boosted his nearly depleted energy, helping him dash to the right and become immersed in the blue-speckled trees of Oran Forest. He rushed through four floors, meeting no one. Finally, he slowed, allowing himself to be able to catch his breath. But it wasn’t safe to remain in the open, so he gathered the last of his strength and scrambled up a tree, settling on a branch that would camouflage him from anyone below. He could only hope that a Flying-type Pokémon wouldn’t decide to roost in the tree. His head lolled against the trunk, and Tiempo fell into a dreamless sleep.


     Tiempo flinched as his open flesh rubbed against the bark of the tree he was perched in. His burns were still raw, even after almost a whole day of sleeping and six hours of resting and applying medicine to his injuries. He was almost out of Rawst Berries, and while there were plenty of Oran Berries, he knew deep inside that he deserved every single burn.

     Espero. I’m...sorry. I’m so sorry. I...You knew. When we first knew what I had done, even before “I” did. Everything I’ve done to the past and wonder you acted like you did. I’m so sorry. I lost control...and I could’ve killed you and your partner...again. He shut his eyes. I guess I haven’t broken completely free of Dusknoir, if I acted like that. Like the killer...I was trained to be.

     I need to rest, so I can recover and go back to Crystal Crossing...even though Dusknoir knows I need to go there. Or maybe I should just wait until this dies down somewhat...but who knows when that’ll happen. Tiempo groaned, and looked past the branches toward the setting sun. He had chosen a perch that faced the west, and he could see the sunset. It was tinted with small amounts of pink and orange, and the view reminded him why he had to keep fighting.

     Esperanza... Tiempo reached down, and clutched the Sableye stone that hung around his neck. There had been a time when he had been repulsed to touch it, much less wear it, but that was in the past, as some might say...or more honestly, the future. I can’t believe you’ve been captured...I know you’re out there. Give me a sign. Anything. Please. There was nothing, so Tiempo sighed softly and returned to watching the sunset.


     Tiempo reached into his knapsack and pulled out his last Rawst Berry, then plucked an Oran Berry from the tree he was perched it, eating them both. “Ugh...” He moaned, slowly leaning back as the burns continued to heal. But it wasn’t fast; they had been pretty severe. Still were. He shut his eyes, and listened to the wind whisper through the leaves around him. Being a Grass-type, he could appreciate the sounds and the smells of the forest around him. Just another reason to keep fighting to-

     “Hey! Wait up Justin!” A female voice called through the forest. Tiempo opened his eyes, and saw an Eevee standing in the clearing his tree bordered on. He wore a black scarf, and had red color-traits on his tail and in his eyes. From the other edge of the clearing came a Treecko, Aron, and two Duskull, one of whom had a purple eye.

     Hm. Tiempo watched at the group joined the Eevee, Justin. Two color-traited Pokémon. Interesting... The Treecko looked over her shoulder.

     “Come on!” She called, motioning. Tiempo glanced over to where she was looking and nearly fell out of the tree. Coming out of the forest was a Vulpix with blue eyes, a scarf, and a star earring. Espero!!! The color-traited Vulpix dully made her way to where the other Pokémon were. She looked dead on her paws, with her ears laid back and eyes cast downward. Tiempo could only stare. She had bandages wrapped around her midsection, and a splint secured to her back left leg, but what was most noticeable was the scar that ran over her right eye. It looked fresh.

     I did all that. Tiempo blanched, horrified at himself, feeling nausea rolling up in him for the first time in a long while.

     “Let’s rest here.” The Aron said, settling in the grass. “We’ve almost cleared the dungeon.” He spoke with a heavy accent that Tiempo knew he’d heard before.

     “Okay!” The Treecko nodded enthusiastically. The group settled in the shade of the tree Tiempo was in. He groaned internally, cursing his bad luck, then let out a low growl when his burns rubbed against the tree trunk. Justin’s eyes shifted upward, then after a moment, he shook his head.

     “Look at what Aron got me,” Treecko was saying, showing the purple-traited Duskull and Espero a pink scarf that was wrapped around her neck, “it’s a Pecha Scarf.”

     “It’s nothin’,” Aron turned as pink as the Pecha Scarf, “Tree’ wanted it, so I got it for her.”

     “It’s pretty.” The purple-traited Duskull touched the scarf. “Maybe if we find a scarf like this on an exploration, I can keep it.”

     “Perhaps we’ll find one in the market.” The male Duskull suggested, watching his female counterpart.

     “But finding one in a dungeon is more exciting.” The color-traited Duskull argued.

     “Yep! Dusk is right!” Treecko nodded in agreement. Dusk? Tiempo leaned forward, trying to place the name.

     “But more dangerous.” Aron argued. “Tree’, ‘member that time we got knocked out at Landslide Cave?”

     “Can’t argue with that.” Duskull agreed.

     “But...but the danger is part of the excitement!” Justin claimed stubbornly. “As explorers, we need to accept the danger to achieve our goals! It’s the only way to find treasure, or discover new places!!” All seven Pokémon were silent, Tiempo included. He will be...a great warrior one day. Tiempo watched the fire in the Eevee’s red eyes. Or a leader...wait a second...

     “I...I guess you’re right.” Aron nodded solemnly. The group began to talk about something else, but Tiempo didn’t concentrate on the words. His head was spinning, like he was trying to connect the dots of some unknown puzzle. He looked down at the group of explorers, focusing first on the two Duskull, then the Aron and Treecko, and finally Espero and Justin. Two color-traited...Dusk...a Treecko with a Pecha Scarf...Espero...a color-traited Riolu and Aron...with an accent......!!!!! His jaw dropped. Impossible! That’s impossible!! He stared down at the group, unable to believe what he was seeing. The group of Pokémon were at ease in each other’s presence, not worried about the future or any type of danger. Treecko laughed at something Duskull said, and Justin was talking animatedly to Dusk, the color-traited Duskull. Aron grinned at Treecko, then said something to Duskull, who bobbed up and down in an agreeing sort-of way. How...what...what made Tiempo was utterly lost for words. They look like...they’re friends...what made them...drift apart to the point where...they were on opposites sides of the battle...and to the point where at least three, no, five of them...ended up dead?

     “Okay, I have a question.” Treecko raised her paw. “I keep on wondering where Riley is.” Espero looked even more depressed, if that was possible, Justin fell silent, and the two Duskull shared a look. “What?” Treecko and Aron looked at each other, then at the other Pokémon in the group.

     “Have you not heard?” Dusk asked softly. “It’s all over Treasure Town. When she and Riley went to Crystal Cave, they stopped Tiempo from stealing the Time Gear, but...Tiempo...he...” She couldn’t go on.

     “HE KILLED RILEY?!” Aron growled, and Tiempo froze, horrified. I...killed him? No! That’s impossible! In the future, he was alive! Before-Before...

     “Almost.” Justin whispered. “We...don’t know if he’s going to make it. Chimecho’s trying her best, but......”

     “Arceus.” Treecko was covering her mouth, eyes wide. “Oh Arceus...why...?”

     “That’s why we’re here.” Justin looked at Espero. “Riley’s been in a coma for three days, and she’s been at his side. Chimecho told her she needed fresh air.”

     “...” Tiempo heard Espero give a low sigh, then she spoke in a soft voice. “I can’t believe it.” The Treecko said something inaudible and leaned closer to Espero.

     “What was that?” Dusk asked softly.

     “I...I can’t believe Tiem...po. What he’s doing.” Espero’s eyes were watering. “Why steal Time Gears? What is there to gain from that? Peop-Pokémon suffer, and...and how can anyone be so cold-hearted to do that?!”

     That’s right. Tiempo thought grimly. No one remembers. No one knows...the truth.

     “I...When I went to Treeshroud Forest...I couldn’t believe it had been done on purpose...I told myself it had to be an accident. And then, when I saw Tiempo’s picture, I thought, ‘he has such sad eyes. He’s gone through so much pain. Why would someone like that do something like this? Why can’t they feel the pain of what they’re doing?’” Espero choked back a sob. “But I didn’t know...Tiempo...has no heart to feel emotions. That’s why...that’s why...” Tears were rolling down her cheeks. “That’s why he almost killed us!”

     “Shhh...” Treecko pulled Espero into a hug, wrapping her arms around the Vulpix’s neck. “It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.” Espero shut her blue eyes, crying softly.

     “I can’t stand this...” She croaked. “...I can’t...I...can’t...I-I don’t want Riley to...d...die...”

     “Hush...” Treecko whispered softly, rocking Espero back and forth, like a child. “It’s okay...It’s okay...We’re here for you...” The Vulpix cried into the Wood Gecko’s shoulder for a few minutes, until her sobs died down.

     “Riley will live.” Duskull said firmly. “He will live, and the Great Dusknoir will catch Tiempo Grovyle, returning everything to the way it was before.”

     “But how?” Aron asked quietly. “No one knows where that damn Grovyle is. And he has all those Time Gears...we can’t let ‘em get away.”

     “He doesn’t have all of them.” Duskull said proudly. “He didn’t get the Crystal Cave Time Gear. And the lake trio has gone to seal the Time Gear away permanently.”

     WHAT?!! Tiempo almost yelled, but instead, he stuffed his fist in his mouth.

     “Really?!” Treecko managed to grin. “That’s great!!”

     No, it’s NOT!!! Tiempo was yelling in his head.

     “Yes, that way it can never be stolen.” There was a touch of pride in the Dusk’s voice. “It’s wonderful. The Great Dusknoir came up with the plan!”

     AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!! Tiempo wanted to scream in frustration.

     “I believe we’ve rested long enough.” Duskull rose a bit higher. “We should clear the dungeon, so we can return to Treasure Town. It’s getting dark.”

     “Good idea.” Aron stood up, and stretched. “It’s even more dangerous to be out than in the past. With all that’s been going on, there have been more panicked Pokémon around.”

     “We might even encounter Tiempo Grovyle,” Dusk shivered at the thought, “if we are unlucky enough!”

     “He might even be in the trees above us.” Justin grinned nervously, even though his legs were shaking.

     “Oh shut up!!” Treecko shrieked as the group walked away. “That’s not funny! He’s ruining my species’ reputation, even if he is from the future...” The six Pokémon moved deeper into the forest, out of Tiempo’s range of hearing.

     He was sitting shock-still. They’re going to seal the Time Gear away?! No! That...It has to be a trap! A trap! Still, what if it’s the truth? I can’t risk the Time Gear-even if it is a trap!! I’ve come too far to give up now! After a few minutes, he slowly descended the tree, and took off, heading north, back to Crystal Cave.


     Anna and Justin returned to the guild as the sun was vanishing beyond the ocean, casting ominous purples into the sky.

     “Pokémon Detected! Pokémon Detected!” Diglett’s voice called from under the grate when Justin stepped forward for them to be let in.


     “The footprint is...Eevee’s! Hey Justin, is that you?!”

     “Yes!” Justin looked down into the darkness where he knew Diglett was.

     “Is Anna with you?!” Diglett’s voice wavered slightly at the end. Justin tilted his head, and Anna blinked, focusing at the grate.

     “Yes...why?” There was a murmur of voices below from the main room that both Anna and Justin caught, but neither could distinguish any words.

     “You two need to come down to the third floor immediately! It’s important!!” The grate rose, and the two explorers entered the guild.

     The second floor was void of Pokémon, but all the members of the guild were assembled in the main room, watching the two youngest members of the guild. Anna’s eyes widened when she saw Chimecho in the group. The Wind Chime Pokémon’s face didn’t show any emotions, and no one said anything. It was dead silent. Then Chimecho spoke.

     “Anna...” She said gently. The Vulpix didn’t say anything, she just shook her head.


     “You should come with me.” Chimecho reached out, and placed a paw on Anna’s shoulders, steering her toward the crew rooms. Anna’s eyes were wide, and she didn’t notice anything around her. Like how the members of the guild snapping Justin out of his stupor, bring him along with them behind Chimecho and Anna. Or how Wigglytuff was peeking out from his room.

     The hallway seemed to stretch into forever. Every step took every ounce of energy Anna had to keep moving. Past Chimecho and Sunflora’s room. Past Loudred, Bidoof, and Corphish’s room. And then Anna’s breath caught in her throat.

     Riley was still wrapped in bandages, but he was sitting up in his bed, green eyes open. His blue-and-black fur was stained purple in some spots, and a bruise on his chest was turning deep purple, but a small grin broke across his face when he spotted his teammate.


     “...” Anna opened her mouth, but no words came out. She could only stare.

     “Anna?” A worried look passed over Riley’s face as he surveyed his teammate’s face. “Are you okay?” Anna took a step toward Riley, then another.

     ‘Ri...ley?’ She blinked, slowly walking toward him.

     “Yah?” He asked. Anna shuddered, drawing a sharp breath.

     “I...” She squeezed her eyes shut, tears slowly trickling down her face. “...You...” She broke down.

     “Hey, hey! Are you alright?!” Corphish asked somewhere in the distance, but he was ignored. Tears were flowing from Anna’s eyes, and she was sobbing. Riley reached out, and pulled her into an embrace. She cried into his shoulder, but not because she was sad.

     “It’s okay...” Riley said gently, “it’s okay...”

     “You idiotic Riolu.” She said in a muffled voice. “Don’t ever do something like that again.” He managed to smile.

     “Okay. I promise.” He gently kissed her forehead.


     Tiempo reached the entrance to Crystal Cave around midnight, the same time he’d arrived four days ago. The forest behind him was deadly silent, and the prickling on his neck told him he was being watched. By someone. Or someones. But no one came out to challenge him.

     He could also feel that something else was wrong. He couldn’t put a paw on it, but it was making his skin crawl. His mind also felt like it was being tugged toward the west, like Esperanza had left him something. But there was nothing.

     My supplies are running low, and I’m injured. I need to be extremely careful. Tiempo took a step toward the entrance.

     ‘Tiempo Grovyle. What the hell are you doing?’ Tiempo could almost hear Esperanza’s voice, and he looked around. But no one was around, and he couldn’t feel her presence. Whatever it was had come and gone.

     “I need to go get the Time Gear.” He muttered, then realized he’d spoken to himself. Great. Am I finally losing my sanity?’s a sign I really shouldn’t be here. No. I need to go in, get the Time Gear, and run like hell. Then I can start worrying about Esperanza. After debating for a few minutes, Tiempo decided to keep going.

     Later, he would say it was a HUGE mistake.

Team Bright Star~Ch24~When Paths Cross
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Part 3: Daku Keimusho
The Only Option


     ‘ZZT! Can you hear me? ZZT!’ Magnemite, a member of the Magnezone Squad called down the sentry hole to the assembled guild. ‘This is an important announcement from Officer Magnezone! ZZT! Everyone, please gather in the main square of Treasure Town. Zzt! An important meeting will be taking place! ZZT! All Pokémon who are in the area have been called to this meeting! ZZT! We hope to have your full cooperation! Thank you. ZZT!’ The members of the guild began to murmur excitedly.

     ‘Hey, hey. It must be pretty important...’

     ‘Oh my gosh, we have to go!’

     ‘An important meeting? It must be about what’s been happening with the Time Gears.’

     ‘AHEM!!’ Chatot cleared his throat, bringing everyone’s gazes to the front, where he and Wigglytuff stood. ‘Everyone who is in good health will proceed to this meeting at once!’


     Justin glanced at his teammate out of the corner of his eye as they left the guild building. It had been over a day since Anna and Riley had left to Crystal Cave, and they hadn’t come back in the best condition. Riley was lying on his bed, hanging somewhere between life and death, and Anna was...Justin didn’t know how to describe it. Each step seemed to take longer. Her ears were lying flat against her head. The gleam that had always been in her eye since he’d met her was gone.

     When Anna had fainted, it was lucky Sunflora and Bidoof had been supporting her, or she would’ve reinjured herself. Even now, she looked bad. Her broken leg was secured to a splint, giving her a limp, and bandages were wrapped around her whole body. But the ones that were most notable were the ones that wrapped around torso to her waist and the ones that went right over her right eye.

     Still, one knew if he would survive. Chimecho wasn’t with the group because she was tending him, it was that bad. Justin didn’t understand medical terms, but from what he could understand, Tiempo Grovyle had used a Leaf Blade so powerful that he’d chipped Riley’s hip bone and hit his lungs with a punch of some kind. No one knew how bad it really was. But the one thing Justin did know that if Riley died, Anna would never be the same.

     “Azelf!” Two voices called out as they reached Treasure Town’s main square. The Willpower Pokémon looked into the crowd of gathered Pokémon, and grinned when he saw Uxie and Mesprit waiting for him. He had recovered more easily than Anna, since his injuries hadn’t been as bad.

     “Mesprit! Uxie!” He broke off from the guild, and joined his siblings.

     “Are you alright?” Mesprit asked in concern, touching the bandages that wrapped around his left arm and chest.

     “I will be. It’s just a scratch.” In synchronization, the lake trio’s eyes glazed over, and Justin felt that a telepathic conversation was taking place. Then, in unison, the three lake Pokémon turned to look at Anna, who gazed back in a lifeless way.

     “Oh...” Mesprit whispered softly.

     “I see.” Uxie said grimly.

     “Justin?” A deep voice asked, and the Eevee looked up to see a familiar face.

     “Dusknoir.” He surveyed the Gripper Pokémon carefully, then grinned slightly. He didn’t always feel safe around the explorer. Sometimes, Justin felt safe in his presence, and sometimes, it was like he was the target of evil thoughts. But right now, everything seemed normal. “Hello.”

     “How are you?”

     “I’m...okay, thanks.” He answered, then glanced at Anna, who was dolefully watching Pokémon from the surrounding areas enter the square. Dusknoir followed his gaze, and drew a sharp breath.

     “What happened to her?”

     “Tiempo.” Justin was surprised at the hate in his voice. Dusknoir’s fist curled slightly, then he sighed.

     “And...Riley?” Dusknoir cautiously asked, then winced at the Eevee’s expression. “” There was an uncomfortable silence between the two explorers.

     “Um, Dusknoir, sir?” Justin began, “can I ask you a question?”

     “Of course.”

     “Do you, um...know Tiempo?” Dusknoir’s expression was unreadable. Instead of answering, he reached down and rubbed Justin’s head. It was the same gesture Riley had done before going off to Crystal Cave.

     “BZZZT!” Officer Magnezone appeared behind Dusknoir. “That will be one of the subjects addressed at this meeting! BZZT!”

     “Oh. Okay.”

     “Now go to Anna. She needs you.” Dusknoir turned to talk to the trio of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, but Corphish came up to him to ask a question.

     “Hey, hey! What happened to Tiempo?”

     “I gave chase when he fled, but he got away.” Justin walked over to where Anna was standing silently. His tail swished nervously, and he looked up at Anna. She was staring at the ground, noticing nothing that was going on around her.

     “Anna?” He timidly asked. The Vulpix’s gaze turned toward him, and something about it made it seem like she wasn’t looking at him. He turned, and saw her gaze was aimed right at the guild building, which rose above Treasure Town. He immediately knew what was going on in her head, but he didn’t know what he could do say to comfort her. He just gave her a gentle head-butt, and leaned his head on her shoulder.


     “BZZZT! So let this meeting be started!” Magnezone released a few sparks from the magnet-like objects that clung to it’s body, capturing everyone’s attention. The square was filled not just with the residents of Treasure Town and the guild, but also with various species of Pokémon that lived in the area: Gastrodon, Lopunny, and Lombre, just to name a few. “Our topic? BZZT! The rash of Time Gear thefts!” Murmurs filled the square; the ordinary Pokémon hadn’t been fully aware of the intensity of the thefts until a few days before. “BZZZT! Several Time Gears have been stolen! By the Pokémon with blue eyes, Grovyle, who goes by the name of Tiempo.” In the crowd, Mar stiffened, recognizing the Spanish.

     “BZZZT! Yesterday, Tiempo tried to steal a Time Gear!! But failed! It was guarded be the mighty Azelf!” Whoops filled the square as Azelf grinned modestly. “The team that fought to protect the Time Gear would be Team Bright Star!” More cheers, but Anna didn’t respond. She continued to stare blankly at Dusknoir and Magnezone. “And finally, the Pokémon who chased off Tiempo and saved the day! BZZT! The Great Dusknoir!” The applause was almost deafening.

     “That’s astounding!”

     “Wow! No wonder he’s such a famous explorer!”


     Dusknoir floated forward, and held up both hands. The square fell respectfully silent.

     “Everyone! While we can celebrate that Tiempo Grovyle was deterred this time, we can’t let our guard down! He will definitely try to steal the Time Gear again! He must be stopped!!”

     “Hear hear!!” A Nuzleaf yelled, and murmurs of agreement went through the crowd.

     “And there’s something else that must be discussed...I have been asked if I knew Tiempo Grovyle from before all this began.” Dusknoir looked in Justin’s direction. Chatot appeared scandalized at the thought of guild trainee had asked such a foolish question. “And the answer is...yes.”

     “WHAT?!” The yell filled the square.

     “And...” Dusknoir shut his eye, “the truth may seem impossible. It may be beyond your beliefs. But I assure you, it’s the truth. But you must believe the two things that I tell you. The first is that Tiempo Grovyle is...a Pokémon from the future.” Utter silence filled the square as everyone tried to process what this meant.

     “Dad? What does he mean? ‘From the future’?” Diglett asked a baffled Dugtrio.

     “I think he means...a place where things are yet to happen...”

     “...the future?” Justin timidly asked. “...OUR future?”

     “Yes.” Dusknoir opened his eye. “In the future, Tiempo Grovyle will be a dangerous Pokémon with a large bounty on his head. He will be pursued until he finds a way to escape to the past...this world. And when he arrived here, Tiempo Grovyle must have given much thought on...the planet’s paralysis.”

     “The planet’s paralysis?”

     “...Indeed.” Dusknoir seemed to have trouble forming words. “...Imagine...a world of utter darkness...” An image began to form in Anna’s mind: the entrance to Crystal Cave, in the depths of night, shadows looming over the whole forest. “Eternal night, with no movement, color, or life.” The image in her mind shifted to Treeshroud Forest, but the shadows were greater than when she had visited it. “Fear and darkness rule. No one is ever truly safe, and there is no hope. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the ruin of the world.” Dusknoir surveyed the square, looking at the Pokémon who were hanging onto his every word. “THIS is what drove Tiempo Grovyle to steal Time Gears.”

     “So when a Time Gear is stolen...” Teddiursa hesitantly began, and Dusknoir nodded.

     “Time is slowed in the region where it was located. And gradually, as more and more Time Gears are removed, time goes even slower, and the distortion spreads. And then, when there’s no way it can be stopped, the planet’s paralysis occurs.”

     “So Tiempo’s trying to paralyze the planet?” A particularly dim-witted Wingull who was perched on the roof of Electivire’s Link Shop chirped. Dusknoir nodded mutely.

     “That’s...horrible.” A Gastrodon whispered.

     “We’ve got to do something!” A Pidgey chirped loudly.

     “Hey, hey!” Corphish yelled. “I have another question!”

     “Yes?” Dusknoir asked as everyone’s attention turned to Corphish.

     “Ulp!” He shriveled a little from the attention. “Hey, I understand that we’ve got a big problem on our paws...but...what I don’t understand do you know so much about Tiempo?”

     “Excuse me?”

     “I mean, the great Dusknoir is knowledgeable and all, can a Pokémon know about the future, no matter how knowledgeable they are?”

     “It makes sense when you think about it...”

     “That’s true...”

     “Your confusion is understandable.” Everyone’s attention shot to Dusknoir. “And the second thing I must tell you is...I am also a Pokémon from the future.”

     “Seriously?” Justin asked. “You’re a Pokémon from the future? Like Tiempo?”

     “Yes. I was sent to your world in pursuit of Tiempo Grovyle, to bring him back to the future. You say I am knowledgeable, but that is only because I studied so much before my travels, to gain the knowledge of this world.”

     “Why didn’t you say anything before?” Ursaring asked. Dusknoir winced.

     “...I’m sorry. But...what if I had been open about my identity from the beginning? What if I had told you the truth? That I was from the future? Who would have taken me seriously?”

     “No one.” Justin said, and received withering gazes from many of the older Pokémon. But a good number of the other Pokémon in the square looked guilty. Dusknoir nodded in understanding.

     “You see? I also needed to keep my presence a secret, to avoid alerting Tiempo Grovyle. I’m sorry that it’s been kept a secret from you.”

     “It’s okay!” Pur called out from next to his brother. “We understand!”

     “Indeed we do!” Gree nodded. “The great Dusknoir had to have a reason, and this is perfectly understandable! What a wise decision!”

     “ZZZT! I concur!” Magnezone bobbed up and down in agreement. “Dusknoir has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law! ZZZT! We must focus our energy on capturing the thief, Tiempo! ZZZT!”

     “Yeah! We’re in DEEP TROUBLE if he gets away!” Loudred bellowed, making everyone around him wince.

     “The lake trio and I already have a plan.” Dusknoir didn’t yell, but he immediately captured everyone’s attention. “Everyone, we want you to spread a rumor, far and wide. Spread the word that Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit are going to seal the Time Gear away permanently, so that it can never be stolen.”

     “Ah! You want this to reach Timpo’s ears.” Chatot’s light bulb went off. “And this rumor will cause him to panic, and go to the lake, to see if this rumor is true.”

      “Correct. But...the catch is that the lake trio must actually go to the lake, so that Tiempo Grovyle doesn’t suspect the trap, and they have already agreed to do so. Tiempo Grovyle is...a very cautious Pokémon. Especially now...”

     “Indeed,” Chatot was nodding, “he was severally injured, so he would be even more cautious when going back.”

     “In a way, yes.”

     “Oh my gosh! Let us help with the capture!!” Sunflora hopped up and down in excitement.

     “Me too!” An overly excited Lombre yelled, and the square began to fill with offers to help.

     “Thank you, everyone.” Dusknoir said politely. “But, I’m afraid that I must ask no one else to assist with this.” The excitement died instantly.



     “How come?”

     “Even if Tiempo Grovyle were to go to Crystal Cave...he would notice if there were Pokémon that weren’t natural residents of the cave, or if there was an unusual number of Pokémon there. And that would defeat the purpose of the plan. So I’m sorry.”

     “Oh...” The Pokémon who had been excited about being able to help capture Tiempo were disappointed, especially the members of the guild.

     “I realize I am asking a huge favor. But it’s the only option for success. All I ask is that you please do your part in our plan.” He bowed slightly, and the Pokémon who were assembled took that to mean the meeting was over, and began to talk excitedly amongst themselves.

     “So that’s how it stands!” Chatot addressed the members of the guild, who were standing together in the east corner of the square. “We will do our part by staying out of this, and only provide support as needed! Yoom...tah!” He tried pulling off a Wigglytuff, but the members of the guild looked unmotivated.

     “Well, hey, hey...”

     “We have no choice...?” Sunflora asked softly.

     “Is that an acceptable plan? Guildmaster?” Chatot looked to Wigglytuff for support, praying the Guildmaster hadn’t fallen asleep.

     “Yep! Sounds good to me!” Wigglytuff grinned, and Chatot breathed a sigh of relief.

     “Okay everyone! That’s the plan! Everyone should go back to work, but remember to spread the rumor! But try to be natural! We don’t want Timpo to suspect anything! Let’s have another day of work!”

     “HOORAY!” The members of the guild cheered, and began to mingle in with the crowd, to look for job requests, or heading off to wherever they normally went. Anna remained where she was standing, without giving any sign that she’d heard Chatot at all. Concerned, Justin put a paw on her shoulder, and she focused on him for the first time since she found out about Riley.

     “Anna?” He asked, then blinked when he realized he wasn’t the only Pokémon who’d said her name. He turned, and saw a pair of Duskull approaching them. One of them had a purple eye, and both Duskull were surprised to see another color-traited Pokémon.

     “...Greetings.” The male Duskull said, looking over Justin. “Who are you?”

     “Justin. I’m a member of Team Bright Star.” He said proudly.

     “So you’re Anna and Riley’s teammate?” The female Duskull floated forward. “Oh, my apologies. I’m Dusk, and this is my boyfriend, Duskull. We’re explorers.”

     “Hello.” Justin nodded, grinning.

     “...hola.” Anna said in barely a whisper.

     “We arrived at the end of the meeting. Who would have thought? Pokémon coming from the future?!” Duskull was bobbing up and down in mid-air. “Incredible!”

     “So...where is Riley today?” Dusk asked, observing the absence of the Riolu. Anna flinched noticeably, and the movement didn’t escape the two explorers-in-training.

     “Anna?” Dusk gasped, noticing the bandages. “Oh Arceus, what happened to you?!” She reached out, and touched the strips of cloth. Anna didn’t respond, so it was up to Justin to explain what had happened. When he was done, Dusk could only stare in shock, and Duskull was furious.

     “That DAMN Tree Gecko Pokémon.” He said in a furious voice, and Justin was shocked at the language.

     “Duskull!” Dusk scolded him gently.

     “Sorry, sorry! My apologies.” He shook his head, then sighed deeply.

     “Oh! Dusknoir, sir!” Justin called as the Gripper Pokémon floated near them. Dusknoir turned at the sound of the Eevee’s voice, and spotted the two Duskull along with the two members of Team Bright Star. “That was incredible, what you told us!!”

     “.........” Dusknoir was staring. In shock? In amazement? Horror?

     “You’re the Great Dusknoir?” Duskull went over to Dusknoir, who towered over him by at least four-and-a-half feet. “Incredible! You’re such an extraordinary explorer!”

     “” Dusknoir nodded, but both the movement and the words seemed forced.

     “No. Thank you, sir.” Dusk bowed. “As a noble Pokémon who works to capture dangerous fugitives, you bring honor to our species.” Dusknoir could only blink and stare at Dusk.

     “One day, I hope to be as good an explorer as you are!” Duskull added. Dusknoir’s face paled, then smoothed out into a calm expression.

     “No...Duskull. Be an explorer Dusk would be proud of.” The Duskull being spoke of flushed a slight pink.

     “...” Duskull blinked, startled, then nodded vigorously. “I will!”

     “And you...” Dusknoir looked at Dusk. “...I don’t bring honor to your species. I’m sorry. But you...bring honor to your species.” He rested a hand on her head, gently, as if he was afraid she would be hurt. He looked at Justin and Anna, nodding at them. “I hope Riley recovers.” With that, he turned, and joined the lake trio and Magnezone, leaving the four explorers alone.

     “Wow. He was so respectful.” Dusk stared at Dusknoir’s turned back.

     “...He was slightly confusing though.” Duskull noted.

     “’d he know your name?” Justin asked Dusk. “Have you met him before?”

     “No.” Dusk blinked. “But that’s incredible! Wow!” She squealed.

     “...Justin.” The Eevee turned at his name. Anna was looking at him. “I...I’m going up to the guild.” To be with Riley. Her eyes said, and Justin found himself nodding. “Duskull?” The Requiem Pokémon turned. “Could you...take Justin with you? To explore or train with? Please?” Duskull also understood what was going through her head.

     “Of course. We’ll have him back to the guild before nightfall.”

     “Thank you...” She turned, and made her way from the square and the mass of chatting Pokémon.


     Anna lay on her bed in the guild. She’d told Chatot and Wigglytuff that she wanted to recover more, which was partially true. Every step she took was agony, thanks to her broken leg. Oh, the joy of having to walk on four legs... But the real reason she was in the guild was obvious. Riley was here, still unconscious from the beating he had received. He lay on his back, not moving at all. The bandages, even though they were replaced at regular intervals, bloodying easily. Every hour or so, Chimecho would hesitantly peek in, ask Anna how she was feeling, and give both Anna and Riley a mixture that she said would ‘help the healing.’ Then she would return to her booth on the second floor, glancing over her shoulder at them as she went.

     The room was silent except for the rustling of leaves outside the window, and the sound of Anna’s breathing.

     Riley... Anna thought as she watched her partner’s chest rise and fall almost undetectably. At Crystal fought to protect me, didn’t you? Because I was unconscious, and couldn’t defend myself? That’s why you fought Tiempo...and lost. It was for me...and...look where you are right now. I’m sorry...I’m so sorry. If I were a stronger...Pokémon, I wouldn’t have been knocked out so easily. This wouldn’t have happened to you... A tear ran down her cheek. Riley...please...don’t die. Don’t leave me. She reached out, and rested her paw next to his. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry...Please, come back... She shut her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


     Anna opened her eyes wearily. She’d been dreaming. Of a white-colored river that ended with a waterfall, and a round, yellow and blue-green ball that floated above the water. It was night, and the light of an almost-full moon came in through the window, accompanied by the gentle smell of the ocean. Justin was asleep, curled up under the window in his blanket. It was so peaceful, Anna couldn’t tell if she was still dreaming.

     When Anna checked her body, she gave a small sigh when her muscles felt less worn and her body less damaged. But one of her paws felt warmer than the rest of her. She looked up blearily, and saw Riley’s paw curled around hers. Her cheeks flushed a slight pink, and then she sighed. She HAD to be dreaming.

     Riley looked the same as he had been earlier, but with the lower light, it was hard to tell. Still, his face appeared more peaceful, and his breathing seemed less ragged. Anna felt her eyelids being pulled down, and she curled into a ball, but left her paw in Riley’s grasp. If it was a dream, she didn’t want to ruin it. She didn’t know how much time there was left.

Team Bright Star~Ch23~The Only Option
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Part 2: Ripples In Time


     The group had been traveling for over an hour before Dusknoir held up a hand.

     “Crystal Cave is surrounded by a dense, yet small forest.” He told Riley, Anna, Croagunk, and Dugtrio since they had never been to Crystal Cave. “From this point on,” he spoke to the whole group, “remain tightly banded togethe until we reach the entrance to the cave. It is night, and we don’t want to be mistaken for Pokémon who don’t belong here. These conditions lead to limited visibility, which can be fatal. Let us proceed.” The group moved forward, senses on high alert. The wind made hearing difficult, so they relied on the moonlight filtering in from the canopy high above. No Pokémon emerged, but Riley could sense them in the forest.

     “Huh?” Anna saw a dull flash of purple and white against the dark greens. A moment later, it had vanished. “What was that?”

     “What did you see?” Dusknoir asked. “Did you see someone?”

     “No.” Anna kept her eyes peeled, but nothing appeared. “But whoever it was, they were purple, and white.”

     “Purple and white.” Dusknoir relaxed. “It must be...nothing. Let us continue.” They kept forging ahead, and a cliff rose above them.

     Dusknoir took command, looking over them. “You shall break into groups to make exploring simpler. Sunflora, Bidoof. You two shall enter with Dugtrio in a few minutes.”


     “Croagunk, Loudred, Corphish. You three shall proceed momentarily.”

     “GOT IT!”

     “That leaves Anna and Riley. You two will enter promptly.”



     “Hey, hey. Good luck.” Corphish called as the two explorers vanished into the cave.


     Even in the night, the path was clear by the light the crystals provided. They glowed brightly in various colors, but mostly blue. Anna ran her paws over them, feeling the smooth surface of the crystals. Just touching them made her stomach curl, like she was going to experience a vision.

     “So bonita.” She whispered, then shook her head, focusing on their goal. “So what’s the plan?”

     “Let’s try going as deep in as we can.” Riley suggested.

     “Okay.” Anna nodded, then sighed. “The crystals are so beautiful.”

     “You like them?” Riley asked curiously.

     “.” Anna smiled. “This whole place...I love it.” She blushed slightly. “I know I say a lot of places are beautiful, but it’s true. I love this whole world, and all it has to offer.”

     “...” Riley just smiled. “You know, I can tell that there are a lot of Riolu and Lucario around here.”

     “Are you from here?” His smile faded.

     “No. But I know they’re here. Just be careful, and if any show up, let me handle them.”

     “It’s the middle of the night. I think they’re asleep.” Anna’s prediction proved true, as they encountered no Pokémon on the eleven floors they traveled. On the twelfth floor, they found something interesting.

     “Wow!” Anna gasped. While they had been seeing crystals everywhere for the past half-hour, three large crystals commanded attention in the center of the room. They stood vertically, towering over Riley and Anna.

     “Whoa.” Riley approached, and ran his paw over them. “Whoa!” The crystal, which had been red, turned green. “Look at that! They change color!” He went over, and touched the other two crystals, which changed from being blue and yellow to green.

     “That is cool.” Anna touched the crystal closest to her, and it turned blue. “Wow.”

     “I think they change color based on our aura.” Riley tilted his head. “Or maybe because of something else, like our color-traits; I have green eyes, and the crystals turned green. You have blue eyes, and the crystal turned blue. If Justin were here, maybe the crystals would turn red.”

     “Hmmm...” Anna thought. The crystals changing colors... There was a twisting sensation in her stomach, followed by the familiar feeling of being caught in-between a tug-of-war. “Oh...ugh...” It’s starting...a...Dimensional Scream...

     The light flashing across Anna’s vision, and she fell into darkness, where it was silent. Nothing happened. Is something wrong?

     ‘I think I understand.’ A calm, male voice spoke. ‘There are three spiritual elements: knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Azelf is the Being of Willpower, and willpower is what drives us.”

     ‘Sì.’ A young, female voice agreed. ‘It’s what brings us together.’

     ‘And to bring together is to make whole. So the crystals must be made one, and to do that, their color must be changed.’

     ‘Our spirits.’ The female voice said softly. ‘When we come together, everything is possible.’

     ‘Of course. So the crystals must reflect Azelf’s spirit. What color is his spirit? Azelf lives in Crystal Cave, so Azelf’s spirit must be affected by the crystals. Or maybe Azelf’s spirit affects the crystals...?’

     “Anna?” Riley’s voice filled her ears as the darkness retracted. “Anna? Are you having a vision?” She blinked, and looked up at Riley.

     “. I did.” She took a shaky breath. “It wasn’t normal. I only heard a voice.” But at the Craggy Coast, and at Fogbound Lake, I only heard voices. Why did I only hear voices then...and now? She realized Riley was waiting for an explanation. “The voices were talking about how the crystals...have to be the same color. And how...” She looked around. ...the spirit of Azelf is tied to the crystals... The room was filled with brilliant blue crystals, in every shade and luminosity. “” She drew in a sharp breath. And Azelf...had a blue headpiece. Azul... She looked at the crystal she had touched. The blue surface confirmed what she was thinking.

     “Are you okay?” Riley asked, worried.

     “I think I know how to move forward.” Anna started toward the second crystal. “The quicksand pits...they hid the entrance to the Underground Lake. And the hid Fogbound Lake.”

     “You’re right.” Riley watched as Anna touched the crystal, turning it blue.

     “So what if these crystals...hide Azelf’s lake?” Anna stared at the last crystal, determined. “It’s a puzzle...and the Dimensional Scream helped me solve it.” She placed her paw on the crystal, and it flashed a bright blue. There was a moment of silence, and a deep rumbling shook the cavern.

     “What’s that?” Riley stared. The tops of the crystals were glowing, energy sparking violently. “Wah!!” The two of them hid behind the Kangaskan Rock, and there was a flash of light. When it died away, a humongous crystal filled the room, a deep glow emerging from a hole that had appeared.

     “I-” A weak glow pulsed around Anna, then vanished.

     “I sense something.” Riley shut his eyes. “It has to be a Time Gear!”

     “Let’s go.” Anna started toward the hole.

     “Hold on.” Riley reached into the Kangaskan Rock, withdrawing a pair of Elixirs. “Here.”

     “Muy gracias.” Anna accepted the drink, and uncorked it. The flavor was fizzy, like a drink from Spinda’s Bar. “Let’s go.” She set the bottle aside, knowing it would let the other members of the guild they had been there.

     The tunnels beyond the crystal room were twisting and turning, and the air was stale. It appeared that no one had been in the cave for a long time.

     “Riley.” He looked down at his partner. “Gracias...for believing my dream. I know it sounded impossible.”

     “No. I...” He hesitated. “I had the same dream that you described.” Her eyes widened.


     “From what you described...and from what I was like I was dreaming what you were dreaming. I...was you.”

     “...How is that possible...?” Anna stopped, thinking hard. “I don’t understand.”

     “I don’t either.” Riley sighed. “But we’ll worry about that later. Right now, we need to get to Azelf’s lake.”

     “Right.” Anna agreed.


     “We’re out!” Riley said as they cleared the last floor. The tunnel opened up to reveal a sprawling cavern, with crystals sticking out from the walls. A lake filled most of the cave, and from the center of the lake came a blue-green glow. Anna felt warm, and could see the Time Mark forming on her right paw. Riley looked around, spotting a small island on the lake’s surface, near the bubble.

     “Look over there! Near the middle of the lake!”

     “...” Anna stared and, almost as if she were right there, could see it in her mind’s eye.

     “Urg...ugh...” A Pokémon that resembled Uxie and Mesprit was collapsed on the floor. A blue-traited Grovyle approached the lake.

     “Now I’m going to take it...the Time Gear!”

     “No...” Azelf, “you can’t...don’t...”

     “NO!” Anna cried out. “It’s my dream! It’s coming true!” Riley’s eyes widened.

     “Run! Hurry!” Riley charged forward, and Anna took off right behind him


     Tiempo looked into the lake, at the Time Gear. “That’s the Crystal Crossing Time Gear. Good. I’m glad to see it. Azelf, isn’t it?” He glanced over his shoulder, at the crumpled Willpower Pokémon. “I must apologize, but I need to take that Time Gear.”

     “Ugh...” Azelf managed to prop himself up. “W-Wait...stop...Tiem...po...” The Grovyle froze.

     “......You name?” He seemed intrigued.

     “Tiempo Grovyle...the thief...I heard from Uxie and Mesprit that you were coming. You have great power, and it would have been best if I’d knocked you out...” Azelf took a deep breath, “but I knew that I might possibly set up a fail-safe system.” Tiempo’s eyes widened, and he spun around.

     “WHAT?!” Azelf’s eyes glowed dangerously, and a deep rumbling shook the cavern. Immediately, blue crystals shot up from the waters, their growth sped up by a few centuries. Within seconds, the whole surface was covered like ice, blocking the water beneath it.

     “...” Tiempo stared at the lake in horror. “I-I can’t get the Time Gear!”

     “Good.” Azelf smirked triumphantly.

     “Dammit Azelf! I need the Time Gear!” Tiempo rounded on Azelf, knocking him to the ground. “Even if it means killing you!”

     “Even in exchange for my life...I will never back down.” The Willpower Pokémon said stubbornly.

     “Fine!” Tiempo stalked toward Azelf, leaves glowing.

     “NO!” There was a flash of blue, and Riley placed himself between the two. “Don’t do this!”

     “Move, or there will be consequences.” Tiempo said coldly. “This is between Azelf and I.”

     “Never!” Anna ran up beside Riley, blocking Tiempo’s path to Azelf.

     “This involves the Time Gear! We will protect it!” Riley yelled, despite his fear of the Grovyle.

     “Then prepare to fight!” Tiempo sprung at the two of them. Riley used Force Palm, and Anna used Energy Ball. Tiempo brushed off the grass-type attack and dodged the Force Palm, swinging at them both with Leaf Blade. Anna felt the leaves brush over her fur, but she managed to get behind him. Riley jumped back, then charged with a Quick Attack-Force Palm combo. Anna ran at Tiempo, preparing to use Roar, but the Wood Gecko Pokémon was prepared. He leapt aside, causing Riley to be on the receiving end of Anna’s attack.

     “Dios!” Anna gasped, then the earth under her feet exploded, sending her flying into the air. She screamed, and when she hit the ground, she fell into darkness.

     “NO!” Riley shouted, charging at Tiempo, who leapt away from Anna’s body. As quickly as he could, he checked her over. Her breathing was ragged, and a thin stream of blood trickled from her head. “Hold on. I’ll get us out of here.” He whispered to her, then turned to face Tiempo. I need to win! I can’t give up!


     Colors. Blue. Green. Rojo. Ierō. Naranja. Murasaki. All swirling together, but with the blues and greens being the most prominent.

     A Time Gear. Protected by a layer of blue crystals. Pulsing gently. Maintaining time. Stabilizing lives. It was something to fight for...there is something to live for... protect. live for. care for...






     Riley’s blood was dripping onto the floor. His body was covered in cuts, and he had endured more than he should have. But he still stood, refusing to give up.

     “Lay down.” Tiempo commanded. “You’ll only injure yourself more.”

     “No.” Riley’s eyes were crystal hard with determination. “I...have to...” He clutched his side, and went on one knee. His paw came away bloody.

     “Hmph.” Tiempo had to respect his willpower. It was impressive. This fight is over. He thought, then tried to walk around the Riolu to get Azelf. But a Force Palm blew him back.

     “What part...of NO don’t you...understand?” Riley struggled to his feet, blinking away the spots that were forming in his vision.

     “...” Tiempo looked up at Riley, eyes blazing. “So you refuse to move?” He growled.


     “Fine!” Tiempo lashed out, knocking Riley to the floor. He was about to deliver the final blow, then,

     “NOOOO!!!” A scream broke the air, and he froze.

     Anna stood, horrified, with a paw covering her mouth, and a stream of blood trickling from her head. Her ears were laid against her head, and a chaotic blue-green glow surrounded her.

     “RILEEEYY!!!!” Her scream blew Tiempo away from her partner.

     “Eh...” He managed to rise. “Espero...?”

     “YOU KILLED HIM!!” Her eyes glazed over. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” She snarled, flinging herself at him.

     “...!!” She’s serious!

     Tiempo swung his leaves at Anna, but she ignored the pain that came and threw herself against him, a Flamethrower roaring around her. Tiempo flinched as the flames seared him, and dug into the ground to get away.

     “That won’t help you!” She growled, eyes glowing. There was an underground explosion, and Tiempo was hurled into the air, where a Flamethrower struck him. He collapsed in a heap, and rose just in time to dodge another Flamethrower.

     “URG!” She charged him again, flames burning viciously. He made a split-second decision, and instead of dodging, he endured the flames and used Leaf Blade, knocking her to the ground. Her eyes became expressionless, and he prepared to use Drain Punch.

     “” A massive green sphere exploded in his face, knocking him away from the Vulpix. Tiempo looked up, eyes watering, and saw the Riolu glaring at him weakly. “...don’t...touch her...” Then his head flopped to the floor, and he lay motionless in a pool of blood.

     Anna rose weakly. She still had enough energy to deliver one last attack, and she would never give up. Tiempo would NEVER get the Time Gear. She had to knock him out. The two blue-traited Pokémon stared at each other.

     “Why are you doing this Espero?” Tiempo questioned in a growl.

     “...” Take a guess, cabrón.

     “Get out of my way.” The burns blistering across his skin made him look even more deranged.

     “Go to hell.” The words shocked Tiempo for some reason, and Anna’s Fire Blast enveloped him before she collapsed to the ground in a dead faint.


     The darkness rolled back from my vision. I was at Crystal Crossing, and I could tell because of the crystals on the walls. But it was strange. I was a different height. I was taller, and could feel legs, arms, and was standing on two feet. My eyes glanced down, to my arms, and I was shocked to see green limbs with leaves on my wrists. [Is this...Tiempo’s body?! Lo que está ocurriendo?!] But the green was being blistered away by burns that covered my whole body. I took a deep breath, wincing as pain coursed through my body. Every part of me hurt. I took another breath, realizing that it wasn’t me who was breathing. It felt like I was breathing because I was Tiempo, and he was breathing.

     The longer I stood there, breathing, the more my body began to feel weighed down. I was tired, and what had to be adrenaline was fading. I looked down, and felt cold horror rush through my body when I saw an unconscious Vulpix lay on the ground, with blood smeared across her fur and the somewhat-familiar blue-green glow surrounding me. [That...that’s me! My body?! I-I really am in Tiempo’s body!!!]

     ‘E...Espero?’ Tiempo’s voice from my mouth, cautious. There was no response from Vulpix-me-my body. I took a step forward, feeling every limb scream in protest because of the burns. [Is that what it feels like to be burned?] I knelt next to my body. Did I...kill her? Tiempo’s voice echoed in my head. Remorse swirled in my gut, and I reached up to the bag that hung from my shoulder, removing an Oran Berry and squeezed the juice directly onto the cuts that covered my Vulpix body. Then, carefully, I squeezed some juice into my mouth. Very gradually, the bleeding began to clot, sealing the wounds. I felt guilt and horror at the same time. What have I done?

      A girl’s laugh echoed in my head, but I couldn’t tell what Tiempo was thinking. Then a voice, MY voice, not Tiempo’s voice.

      ‘Go to hell.’

     That’s what I had said before attacking Tiempo. [Why is he thinking about that?] The similarities between you two... Tiempo thought, then spoke, staring at my body.

      ‘Espero...why are you so much like Es-‘

      ‘Grovyle!!’ A familiar voice rang through the cavern, and I looked up to see a sparking fist coming at me. It struck me in the face, causing fresh wounds to scream in agony as I was knocked backwards. I forced myself to stand, and rolled away from a second Thunder Punch, recognizing the Pokémon who was attacking me. The guilt that had been in me was burned away with raw anger and hatred.

      ‘DUSKNOIR!!!!’ So much loathing in that one phrase. Dusknoir placed himself between me-Tiempo and my body.

      ‘It’s been too long Grovyle!’ He yelled. ‘It wasn’t easy finding you.’

      ‘Gah!’ I spat at Dusknoir. ‘You followed me all the way here?! I should’ve known, since I found Jikan Fuera! What have you done to Esperanza?!’ [Jikan Fuera? Esperanza?]

      ‘Nothing.’ Dusknoir smirked, but there was something else in his eye. A secretive gleam of laughter, or...fear? ‘At least...nothing yet. I need to detain you first. Make it tranquil for yourself! Surrender!’

     ‘Heh...’ I manage to chuckle. He’s lying. Tiempo thought, triumphantly. Esperanza is still free. I can see it in his eye. She can’t be captured. ‘Not likely. I’ll never give up. Not while there’s still HOPE!’ I focused power to my wrist, calling on the energy gained from my Overgrow ability. [How did I know about Overgrow? Is it because I’m Tiempo?] My wrist leaves began to glow. Leaf Blade.

     ‘You think you can defeat ME? In your injured state? Dusknoir spread his arms in a taunting gesture, and I noticed a scar running across his chest. It gave me pleasure to see it. ‘Very well. So we battle!’ Urk! He’s right. I can’t win. At least not now. I don’t want to do this...but it’s the only option. I can’t be caught!!

     ‘I’ll destroy you! I yelled, but even though I charged toward Dusknoir, my claws grasped an orb in my bag, and moments before I reached him, there was a flash of light.


     White. Black.

     Shapes. Colors.

     Blue. Yellow. Red. Green. Orange. Purple.

     Figures. Voices.

     Like a dream...


     Darkness. eyes...are shut.


     Straw...a bed?

     Familiar voices.

     Sun...flora? Bidoof? Justin? Oh...the guild... Anna managed to open her eyes.

     It took her a moment to recognize her surroundings. It wasn’t her room. A tree stump...and only two beds. Sunflora and Chimecho’s room. A group of Pokémon were standing outside the room, talking in hushed voices. Anna weakly raised her head, and her vision swam. Her head flopped back onto the makeshift bed, and her vision stabilized.

     “Hey! She’s awake!” Everyone turned to look at her. Justin pushed his way past everyone to go next to her.

     “Are you okay?”

     “...I guess...” She said wearily.

     “Everyone was worried! Even Loudred!”

     “SHUT UP brat.” Loudred rumbled.

     “...” Anna’s tired mind worked hard to focus on anything, and decided to focus on a memory...or a dream. Tiempo. Dusknoir. Their conversation. Had it been real...? Or was it a dream...? No, it had to be real. “Oh...”

     “What is it?” Sunflora asked, leaning in closer. “Don’t push yourself.”

     “I...I think Tiem...po and Dusk...noir...know each other.” The members of the guild looked stunned.

     “Oh my gosh, no way.” Sunflora shook her head.

     “That’s CRAZY!” Loudred agreed.

     “Oh...” Her mind dropped the subject, and picked up another. “Azelf...”

     “He’s okay.” Sunflora moved out of the way so Anna could see into the boy’s room; Azelf was resting on one bed, a bandage wrapped around his torso. “Compared to yours, his injuries weren’t severe.”

     “...what do you mean?” There was a moment of silence, as everyone looked at each other. Finally, it was Croagunk who spoke.

     “Meh-heh...You have a broken leg, twisted ankle, your eye almost got taken out, and your vital organs and veins were almost cut.” Anna’s breath caught in her throat as she remember how she had looked in the dream, and then she realized something. Something wasn’t right. Someone was missing.

     “Y...where’s Riley?” There was more silence. “Dì”

     “He’s not dead!” Bidoof tried to reassure Anna, but he wiped a tear away. “But...golly, he’s in bad shape.”

     “...” Her partner was nowhere in sight. “Where is he?” She whispered softly.

     “...This way.” Justin slowly turned, and started toward their room. Anna managed to rise, even though her body screeched in protest. Sunflora and Bidoof helped her along as she exited the girl’s room. In the doorway to Team Bright Star’s room, Anna froze, horrified, unable to go further.

     Riley lay on his bed, eyes closed. Legs, arms, and body were wrapped up in bandages. Blood was matting his fur, and Chimecho was removing a bloody bandage from around his head. His breath was shallow, and almost inaudible. He almost looked like a corpse. Chimecho looked up at Anna, eyes widening in concern when she saw the Vulpix’s face.

     “Anna? How are you feeling?”

     “ bad?” Was all Anna could say.

     “...Well,” she didn’t know that she was shaking, “Anna...” Chimecho said as gently as she could, “I...I’m not sure...” she trailed off, ‘if he’ll survive.’

     The words, though soft and gentle, cut into Anna’s heart. Her weary mind couldn’t take any more, and she fell into a blissful darkness.

Team Bright Star~Ch22~Confrontations
Don't you hate me for leaving you off on that note? ^^

I LOVE WRITING DREAMS! (especially when Anna's involved)
I had a fun time writing this chapter, especially the part when Anna was beating up on Tiempo (in a sense). He deserved it, almost killing Riley. I love how her Flamethrower turned into a Fire Blast. Is there such a thing as moves evolving or leveling up...?

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